i love him.

4cc767004f862brandon parker,
model and ex pre-baller wolf,
could still get it.
i know this is for the wolves,
i’m sure the foxes would like a sample

fat ass and all…

i think he may have a lot of something for everyone.
more than others of course.
i would love to lay my head on his butt cheeks and have him tell me a story.

 x see brandon’s ass in motion (tarrice love)

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 1.46.35 PM

i wonder what the “personal trainer” side of him looks like.
i know he can train you to get some vice grip butt cheeks like his.
what’s his number?

lowkey: at what point do you say:

only take pictures of my juicy rump.
that’s it.

as a straight wolf,
wouldn’t that make you uncomfortable?

10 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: LEFTOVERS (295)

  1. I think he’s down for some fox action! He likes showing those cakes off! Ready and willing for some tongue and meat action between those cheeks!

  2. On some level, I have to agree with Rashad. There’s a limit to teasing. And, I know, as black men, most of us, genetically, has nice round rumps, even the straight bruhs; however, having nice buns is one thing, showing them off takes things to another level. And, before someone mentions sagging, it’s not quite the same thing as modeling in pictures and magazines, featuring the buns.

    1. Maybe they only do it for the money. I If I were a model I would shoot nudes and show off my butt for the right price lol. Men who sag are sometimes showcasing the goods, don’t let them fool you.

      1. Yeah, I’ve been told most of the saggers are oblivious to the buns on display, but I’m not convinced, Man. I agree with you; they know what they are doing. How can they not? I did something real bold yesterday. I actually told a brother I was around that I was keeping my hands in my pocket so I wouldn’t get in trouble and have him swing on me. Now, din’t think I’m totally crazy. There had been some preliminary small talk, so I think I had sized him up pretty good. Never do or say something unless you have a very good idea that you can handle the situation. In this particular situation, I think he was both blown away by my boldness but liking the fact I noticed what he was serving.

      2. LMAO…Were you tempted or some shit? Hands in your pockets lol. I’m glad I ain’t that bad.

        The ones with the fat asses know what they are doing.

  3. OK, we can put this to rest. If you are an expert at the Kim Kardashian pose (looking over your shoulder with your ass towards the camera), you’re willing to give up the cakes to a wolf.

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