f0xmail: “Dirty Rotten Scandals” Starring The Dicktator

i just got an email about this industry wolf jackal here:

577732_346751455394300_2048256935_nthey wanted to stay anonymous.
i couldn’t add too many details.

i won’t lie.
it was pretty damn juicy

everyone meet karras jordan.

547663_467933463276098_1144833413_nhe is one of the stars on steel river,
a show on youtube.
he is also a model,
and a singer.
according to this person,
this industry wolf jackal has some:


their words.
he uses this bomb pipe to get what he needs.
he is also a super freak in the bed.
expert in:

“lickin’ his own nut off and puttin’ it in your mouth”.
“fuckin’ you beyond stupid”.

he uses his powers for evil.
i guess this is a “beware before you get fucked” entry.
i can see the appeal of how he gets ahead.
typical industry wolf trying to use his dick to get ahead in his career.
no job.
no income coming in.
hoin’ in the sheets.
he is kinda sexy tho:

i also got some of his “work” in this “steel river” show:

i see the appeal.
if you are reading,
you have been a bad bad boy in atlanta.
the foxhole is calling you to the front.
the floor is yours.

lowkey: i will reserve judgement.
there are two sides to every story…


12 thoughts on “f0xmail: “Dirty Rotten Scandals” Starring The Dicktator

  1. He’s a jackal so I’d stay far away from him. It’d be hard though because of his looks.

  2. He’s cute in some pictures, but then looks like somebody’s father in others.

    When will these wolves learn?!

  3. I’m just mad that this model/actor can’t get the spelling of his name correctly on Twitter. Is it Karras or Karris?

    S/N: I will fvck him stooopidd!

    1. I would fuck him stupid too, but he would not hurt me or take my money. Nothing, he used some Fox and the Fox allowed him to do so. Some can be just as bad as women over a man lol. Yea, I said it, and I probably will pay for it. Bring it on lol.

    1. “he will fuck you stupid for your money,
      whatever he needs while slangin this pipe,
      and will hurt you…”

      the email had too much.
      if i edited it,
      it would leave out a lot.
      judging from his career,
      i didn’t want to put him out there too much.

      1. was the person who emailed u an older type with money who’s in the business or a younger guy? if they had to pay to get the dick why did they email u trying to put him on blast? did they get dickmatized? u mean hurt physically or mentally?

        where are the atlanta foxes who have dirt?

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