“Tex Brown” Takes A Virginity (Sorta)

/the following is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.
straights can move past this one.


Who remembers losing their virginity?

*raises hand*
mine was interesting.
i know it hurt like hell.
the wolf i was with was excited to be taking my virginity,
but he also went about it very slowly.
i didn’t get the “beat my brains out/scarred for life” experience most had.
well tripp ali is really attractive without that mop on his head.
the one he uses in his web series,
“tex brown”.
he starred in another web series called “steel river”.
in the first episode,
he played a thug wolf taking a high school fox’s virginity-ish.
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He Raped Me In The Laundry Room (He Was Fine Tho)

yes almighty lord for i will not forsake all that you do for me.
you know i create stars in the foxhole.
so one of my fav f-bi hit me up with this email last night:

Jamari you have to peep this episode of Steel River. OMG there is a scene where this FINE AS HELL WOLF scoping this dude out in the gym. And this WOLF is OUR type. Football muscles, tall, lightskin, big lips, redbone. Long story short he ends up raping ole boy in the Laundry room of the apartment. Those scenes just fulfilled all kinds of fantasy of mines. Except the raping part. Smh I would’ve fucked him in the gym

here is the video…
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f0xmail: “Dirty Rotten Scandals” Starring The Dicktator

i just got an email about this industry wolf jackal here:

577732_346751455394300_2048256935_nthey wanted to stay anonymous.
i couldn’t add too many details.

i won’t lie.
it was pretty damn juicy

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I Hear Alot Of Drama Goes Down At Steel River

movie night at wolfie’s crib!
there is a trailer for a new show coming out.
well i don’t know if it is a show or a movie.
it’s called “steel river” and you be the judge…

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