“Tex Brown” Takes A Virginity (Sorta)

/the following is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.
straights can move past this one.


Who remembers losing their virginity?

*raises hand*
mine was interesting.
i know it hurt like hell.
the wolf i was with was excited to be taking my virginity,
but he also went about it very slowly.
i didn’t get the “beat my brains out/scarred for life” experience most had.
well tripp ali is really attractive without that mop on his head.
the one he uses in his web series,
“tex brown”.
he starred in another web series called “steel river”.
in the first episode,
he played a thug wolf taking a high school fox’s virginity-ish.


that pounding looks about right with these ignorant pineapples.
that turned me the fuck on!!!!!!

wolves be crazy excited to know you’re a virgin or not as experienced.
God forbid you got a fat ass tail.
there is NO REASON you should be pounding a newbie that hard.
none at all.
your first couple experiences taking a pipe should be slow and smooth.

Does anyone realize how much that hurts the first time?

there is plenty of time to pound his foxhole like in that video.
ima need the wolves to have patience because there will be a lot of:





there will be a lot of stopping and pausing.
even those who aren’t professional pipe takers need a minute.
this is why many choose to be wolves.
it takes a real fox to take a pounding.

lowkey: and foxes,
ima definitely need ya’ll to stop gassin a wolf up in texts.
he think you a “level 10” and you really on “level 2” of intercourse.
that’s the quickest way to get ghosted.

24 thoughts on ““Tex Brown” Takes A Virginity (Sorta)

  1. He HIGHLY aggressive for smashing a virgin. lol Damn, he has no chill. lol I woulda kicked his ass off me. lol

    1. My first time was my junior year in college with a guy I met on BGC. πŸ™ˆ I was at a point where I had just come to terms with my sexuality and decided to dive in. Lol. Luckily, I he wasn’t that big and he went slow. I didn’t tell him he was my first until a year or two later lol

    2. I had to look this up! That’s sad and scary. I can’t imagine waking up like that then getting those test results

      1. I was surprised as well, never knew he fell victim and I was wondering why he disappear from public appearances

  2. That how I want to be pounded. fold my ass like a suitcase and rock my world. Jamari I’m this close to being bottomed by a guy I meet on Jack’d. He looks half the size of Stevie J and almost got it in at work. If we ever do it, I hope I don’t bleed and can take the dick! Watching those videos of Castro bottom Looks good but how much pain is involved

    1. ^castro’s fox scenes turned me completely off from him.
      i’ll just be honest.
      he was never my fantasy wolf,
      but the way they made him look in those scenes…

      i say always go slow first and see.
      nothing worst than getting your ass ripped and the pain that comes with that.
      he needs to foreplay your foxtail as much as he can.
      then when you are open,
      and can take it,
      have him bang you until your spine shifts.

      1. “Wow” thankyou J. I guess a stretch before a workout is in order. also he’s texting me almost every day so I guess he’s serious I hope

    2. “Watching those Castro bottom Looks good but how much pain is involved”

      I haven’t heard that name in awhile you took it back to my thugmart and flavaworks days when I was in high school trying to rub one out to the trailers of pornos

      The only scene where I’ve seen bottom and not look totally in pain was when Tiger Tyson’s brother Camron topped him.

  3. S/N: Wasn’t Steel river a different show with a lower production budget? The one where that character got raped in the laundry room? Not sure if this is a remake since it’s the same title card I think.

    I’m still holding on to my v-card. I just wanna wait for the right guy. I don’t see the point in doing it if it’s not with someone I Love and who loves me. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I just want it to feel truly special.

    And I feel like I’m able to take on whatever role, really. But I do want a guy who can match me in height and form. I’m built like an NFL player and I wanna feel small+secure in their arms.

    Jesus, I feel like a 6 yr old fantasizing about their wedding. But Idk, no idea what to expect in reality.

    Surprised to find that many people I’m in college with also have their virginity too (girls mostly, idk any other guy. And a lot of people don’t believe me when I tell them i am.)

    Worked too hard on this body and this butt to have it be disrespected.

    1. ^and i’m going to cheer you on for your decision.
      don’t go out there and give your bawdy to some dumb ass.
      everyone has that:

      “i should of waited”

      regret story.
      don’t be that if you don’t want that.
      as far as the title,
      i know that “steel river” because karras jordan had a nice sex scene in it.
      the title of that video said “steel river”,
      but if it’s a different show,
      foxhole let me know!

      1. Awww, thanks!! 😊😊

        I’ve dealt with regrets of liking and oddly serving a guy who was mentally and emotionally abusive, and I recall wanting to sleep with him because I /thought/ I liked him.

        But THE MOMENT I woke up from that nonsense, I realized how grateful I was for not doing anything with them. Sometimes, your feelings cloud good judgement, but from that moment on, I knew wasn’t going to dive head first until something viable existed.

        -Trigger warning-
        The closest I came to sex was when that same guy I liked restrained my arms while his roommate removed my pants.

        He said the thing that turns him on was to watch people have sex, and if I truly loved him, id do it.

        I protested n fought n in the end he got really disappointed because according to him I didn’t like him enough to do that.

        I would have hated myself the rest of my life if that was how I gave it up.

        That event directly contributes to why I have such a high set of standards now.

    2. I admire you man. I wish I had the knowledge I have now without having the bodies. Lol. You’re not missing shit man. When you find the right person to get intimate with, you’ll know it.

      1. Thanks. I’m always worried that some guys just wouldn’t have the patience to wait it out for a moment.

        But in time well see 😊

  4. Can’t remember πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‚

    I’m sure dark liquor was involved and I know it wasn’t indoorsπŸ˜‚

    “Once upon a time not long ago…I was a hoe!”


      1. No sir. None have ever been in my bedroom or bed. I’m funny about. I don’t want their scent in my bed.

        All I want to smell is tide on my sheets.lol

  5. Wow man. That scene was crazy. Lol. First time fucking and first time getting fucked were both kinda…… BLAH. Lol. First dude I fucked was way too eager. He fucked up the flow. First dude I got fucked by was chill but he was just wanted too into getting pleasure and not pleasing. I’ve had better experiences since then but the first time(s) were kinda trash. Fuck it.

    1. ^damn!
      not even one was better than the other being a hybrid.
      i’m sorry billy!
      at least it got better down the path for you.

      1. Appreciate it. Im more of a wolf than a fox but I could be a fox in a relationship with the right man. Im really a relationship hybrid if anything. I only had both experiences in the past because I knew I liked dudes but I never experienced dude sex until I did it. I need a connection before I would want to do anything. I had that in both experiences.

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