Tank Shares His Moment at DC Pride (Homophobes Will Deal)

i’m very impressed with tank.
i was impressed with his honesty of liking his bunz eaten,
and i’m feeling the same about him headlining gay pride in dc.
unlike others,
he fully accepts his gay fan base.
as you know,
he performed for dc pride over the weekend.
well he posted a picture and a bts video on his ig

it’s a shame his sexuality is being questioned because of this now.
it’s very brave to take the stage as a straight male at a gay event.
his music isn’t even the type of music some gays really rock to.
well the ones who are not musically one note.
he isn’t beyonce.
i mean..

Can we talk?

for some,
if it ain’t beyonce,
it ain’t no other music.
i know tank from his first album.

one of my absolute favorite tank songs will forever be:

this song takes me places.
i have his debut and sophomore albums.
one of the videos on his second album,
he was doing all these different jobs.
tank is really slept on a s vocalist.

it’s good to see tank paving the way for others to do the same.
safaree and phresher also get props for doing it as well.

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “Tank Shares His Moment at DC Pride (Homophobes Will Deal)

  1. I’m willing to give Tank his props (I’m not the biggest fan of his music but he can sing) him being there being performing is a step in the direction we want.

    Idk this is gonna sound strange to a lot of people on here but I’ve always gravitated more towards female singers than I have male singers. Of course I have my fave males singers such as Luther, Michael, Prince, and Stevie and others from the past, but for some strange reason it takes me a harder time to get into today’s male acts.

    1. If some of these artists stopped being copycats they wouldn’t be so bad. No originality, same tired lyrics, copied beats, etc. When this trap music fad fades, I for one will be jumping for joy!

    2. ^i agree with what c is saying mikey.
      most are pretty boring and are trying to be rappers.
      i love my females,
      but i can appreciate some good male vocals every once and a blue.

      1. Definitely! Not that I don’t like any of today’s male acts it’s just takes me a long time to get into them.

    3. I´ve been getting into more foreign music for these very reasons. I´m basically bored of virtually everybody who sings on our continent! Lol. There is lots of talent abroad!

  2. Tank was on the Tom Joyner Morning Show a couple of weeks ago, he said that he has 5 kids. Just because he performed at pride does not mean he’s homosexual. I believe he can relate to the lifestyle in some way , he may have a family member who’s homosexual, who knows. Jamari, I don’t understand why some people are so obsessed with who someone is sleeping with. If it doesn’t relate to me personally, I could care less. Plus I believe he saw all them dollar signs, lol. All money spends the same! I’m impressed too!

    1. ^everyone talks about everyone.
      this is just something to talk about until the next big scandal.
      i’m sure one of the other r&b acts is waiting patiently to fuck up.

  3. I have seen a few IG pages run by Christians questioning his values and morals for performing at DC Pride.They have posted the DC Pride video next to the video of him performing on Celebration of Gospel with gospel singers.Also I think he used to be in a choir.I find it baffling that they are upset he performed before a gay audience but don’t seem to care that he has fathered five children, by I believe three women, out of wedlock.Then again some of the gospel artists like Donnie McClurkin,Dietrick Haddon,Israel Houghton,have kids out of wedlock and/or committed adultery.

    I am not calling being gay a sin I’m just commenting on the hypocricy and double standards of these “Saints”.These “Saints” who are questioning his sexuality when some of them or their husbands were in DC or Miami “on a business trip”.

  4. The better question is why are all gay men so gassed that they got an heterosexual male artist to perform and acknowledge them?

    Comes off thirsty for validation to me.

    I mean 1/3 of the gay, black population wants to be a recording artist, why not put them on and be this excited? It would be a shade fest then at their “Pride”.

    It’s the same old tale of putting the same heteronormative masculinity on a pedestal that you claim to be fighting against.

    No offense but Tank didn’t really have much to lose anyway. I like some of his music though.

    1. “The better question is why are all gay men so gassed that they got an heterosexual male artist to perform and acknowledge them?”

      Probably the same reason people are interested in celebrities in general, whether it’s to their best interest or not, I don’t think it’s that far fetched to want Tank to perform, I’m pretty sure any other celeb would be just as gassed up, especially if he’s an attractive male (in the case of gay pride). It’s not like he’s some random straight guy, he’s a celeb who can attract media attention which = $$$. which is all anyone really cares about. It’s a win win (sort of)

      You’re overthinking it. (This is coming from an overthinker himself lol)

      That being said:

      “I mean 1/3 of the gay, black population wants to be a recording artist, why not put them on and be this excited? It would be a shade fest then at their “Pride”.”

      ^^ I fully agree with you there, (not sure where you got that specific figure from though) but I agree, being that it is a pride event, it would be a really great way to get other artists’ names out there who wouldn’t have the opportunity BECAUSE they’re LGBT. Idk if they had any “gay” acts in their lineup, but I agree in you arguing that that should be a priority, and we should be happy to support these artists, but alas, the world doesn’t seem to work that way, even in the straight world. That’s why mediocre artists Miley Cyrus, Justim Bieber etc dominate the charts instead of the real talent struggling to get by. LGBT are no exception, though we should know better, ESPECIALLY black LGBT. Most HUMANS are too stupid to grasp these concepts though, regardless of their position in life, at least, that’s just my observation.

  5. Maybe Tank just respect Gay people for standing up for self. He may just be sensitive to others who are deemed by some in society as unworthy.
    Anyone remembers Tank sharing that he likes his salad tossed, and he didn’t back down when people came for him. He may have at one point in his life had a homosexual interaction, and feel a sense of oneness with them. I respect him for standing up for what he. believes in.

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