Tiger Woods Mugshot Makes Me Sweepy

it is always a shame when someone falls from grace.
most of the times,
they get cocky af and drunk off their own power.
in turn…

they make the wrong choices and:

tiger woods is one of those baller wolves.
he had it all and his legacy hasn’t recovered from his scandal.
this recent dui didn’t help either.
those snow bunnies really showed him,
didn’t they?
this is what happens when you shun the black community.
when you fall,
after being disrespectful to us,
no one really cares.
i don’t really really care about tiger woods and his dui.i hope he can get it together to make his “bet awards” special appearance in the future.
you know we like it when they come crawling back.

lowkey: he never claimed “black”,
his father made his own bed with us for him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Mugshot Makes Me Sweepy

  1. I bet he wish he had the black people on his side now after what the white media did to him!!! and PS i luv your blog been coming here sine the very first flash brown post

  2. There you go again! You have to bring up race *sigh* Sweet Jesus, why! Jamari, I love you, but sometime you shouldn’t be talking when you’re somewhat shun from the black community. I mean look how far they help you in real life 😒 Most of the time, you are always talking about some white woman helping you with finding a job or getting an interview. Plus you love them white boys, so shut up lol.

    The Tiger Wood situation, I don’t know why you are making this into a race issue when it’s a known fact celebrity life ain’t shit. There isn’t a celebrity that didn’t spiral downhill and have a substance abuse. I rather be secretly rich instead of famous.

    1. ^lin,

      i have always been respectful of you and your comments.
      i have enjoyed all you have to say on the foxhole.
      your views on hispanics and the culture helped me understand more.
      that being said…

      don’t come at me like that

      tiger woods father didn’t want him to be associated with black people.
      that is a fact.
      tiger said in an interview he doesn’t identify with black.
      he said he looked at his race was “‘cablinasian”.
      so no,
      black people are not open arms with him even though he is half black.

      and yes,
      i have said snow bunnies have gotten me jobs.
      snow bunnies have also taken my jobs away as well.
      that ceo wolf was white and he dropped my ass like a hot potato.
      a majority of my readers are black.
      my readers are constantly supporting me and my dreams.
      without them,
      this blog wouldn’t have reached 16 million views.
      when i was broke a few years ago,
      a black baller sent me money to help pay my rent.
      there is another black wolf who donated many times in my tip jar.
      all of my friends happen to be black and proud of it.
      i have noticed most latinos/latinas were the most back stabbing to me.
      that is neither here nor there.

      i find a majority of snow wolves attractive.
      that doesn’t take away from the love i have for black men.
      so i don’t know what you are going through,
      but don’t bring it to me.
      trump got up in office and you lost your mind.
      you keep that on tumblr,
      be respectful when it comes to me,
      and i will continue to do the same with you.


      1. ^futhermore,
        i don’t go to your tumblr talking shit.
        i don’t call you out your name or fight your opinion when you are bigging up trump and stirring the pot.
        i say to myself lin might be going through a little something and he’ll find his way.
        the audacity of you coming through here,
        being rude af,
        when i THOUGHT we was at least cool in this blogging/social world…

        i’m baffled tonight.

  3. Tiger says it wasn’t alcohol,it was an adverse reaction to prescription medication (probably prescribed after his last surgery).We will have to wait to the toxicology report comes back but I sort of believe him.I had an adverse reaction to to some pills my rheumatologist prescibed for me and ran into one of those recycling dumpsters.Fortunately I was in a parking lot and I wasn’t injured and I didn’t injure anybody.The medication said may cause drowsiness and dizziness but I have taken other meds that say that, so I didn’t think I would dose off while driving.

    Like I said we will see what the toxicology reports say

      1. Why would you have a driver if you are not drinking? In all likelihood he had either never used that medication or never had that reaction?

        Why didn’t I use a cab or a Uber, I can afford that it.Because I didn’t know the new medication was that powerful.I ignored the warning because like I said I have used other meds that say MAY cause drowsiness

  4. I am not some Tiger supporter.Personally I haven’t thought about him in years.I don’t watch golf and haven’t watched it in 7 or 8 years I simply saying I can understand how a person can have a bad reaction to a prescription medication.

  5. Okay first of all, when I saw this this AM and forwarded it to one of my homies, his quick reply was “That’s what them white bitches do to you!” LOL…

    Okay, secondly although I don’t always quite agree with the premise that Tiger and others (of noticeable and recent mixed race or those clearly black but clearly confused) abandoned or shunned their black side, this Lindo character needs to STFU and ask for a dosage adjustment cause he sounds ignorant and unbalanced a/f…full of whack computer courage but wouldn’t dare pop off in a real live n direct meet n greet…I’ve given many of his comments in the past an extreme sideye, but this?…this right here?…unh uh…he might have attempted to come across as a well-meaning/intentioned normal commenter (is that a word? *shrugs*) but I smell a trollish stench up in this mug…ijs

    1. Oh, and after reading this article, I still jus think this dude is jus whack and not necessarily tryina purposely dissemination “us”…I mean, I’m sure we’ve all ran into a Tiger at school or at our job….he can be of mixed race or jus black but he may be an “Oreo” if u will….they may have grown up in a neighborhood/school that was predominantly if not all “other” and if their parents didn’t do their part to instil pride and constantly expose them to things and phrases and conduct, etc that we endear in our culture, then u can’t blame the product being someone like Tiger…I don’t know anything about his upbringing or what his parents did to maintain that connection.. hell, his daddy could be an old black l Black Panther member n shit, u know them be the main ones crossing over and dating the “other” (brings to memory that scenario from “Don’t Be a Menace To Society While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood” with that provides black militant dude and his utterly plain hillbilly white wife, hahaha live that movie)…now if this were the case, then yeah I’d throw him under that bus and be like he’s a sell out n all that….but idk….he’s jus whack and fuuuuugly with a Black Card at least….


  6. Damn! So that boy Lindo supports Trump? Latino are three most confused and lost people of color in the US sigh
    Thanks jamari for getting him straight lool

  7. All that money and Karma is still getting in his ass. He best say goodbye to those sponsers cuz while Tiger don’t see himself as black, his sponsors sure enough do and will drop his ass to remind him of that 😂 *bloop*

  8. I’m not a Tiger fan, but why are people so seemingly giddy about his downfall? Yesterday his droopy mug was plastered all over the interwebz and people (both Blk and White) were in the streets dancing with Lionell Richie’s All Nite Long playing in the background lol..

    I mean really though. Aren’t we suppose to be better than that? Tiger’s troubles are proof that life plays no favorites. It’s indiscriminate in who it decides to humiliate or put through hell. Your ‘personal failings’ can also become your ‘public nightmare’ with just one viral video. Don’t forget that!

    1. That’s the price of celebrity and fame. You want it, you have to deal with the microscope you’ll be put under.
      When you’re at the top, such as Tiger was, people are waiting for your downfall. Even more so when you are a person of color and at the top of the hill. Look at Jordan back when he was on top, remember his gambling issues. That was all over the sports pages and news pages. Jordan blows millions in card game in Atlantic City before game. Tiger’s downfall messing with porn stars and strippers. Barry Bond’s ALLEGED steroid usage. Alex Rodriguez’s downfall. It happens to them all, but they managed to come out of it SOMEWHAT. Tiger can make it through this, but he has to get his shyt together too. His professional golf playing days are behind him. He has back issues he’s dealing with.
      WE didn’t humiliate Tiger. The media did…but that’s only because he put himself in a situation where if it got out, he would be ridiculed.

  9. I was wondering how and when you would check Lindo and his problematic/ borderline anti black comments. Bloop.

  10. Trifecta
    The white supremacy trifecta which has been largely successful in crippling the black mind: 1. White/European Jesus (AKA White Jesus), 2. White/European standards of beauty and 3. White/European fostered and foisted/imposed “one-drop” theory.

  11. Tiger Woods is not black and it’s racist to say that he is.

    What it means to be black
    To accept the racist “one drop” theory is racist and accepts a central tenet white supremacy, which is blackness as a taint. “Black” is not a philosophy, a club or a way of life. “Black” is a race. “African American” is an ethnic group within the black race as is Haitian, Nigerian or Kenyan. Just as Irish or Irish American is an ethnic group within the white race as is Italian, French or German.

    Nor is being black defined by skin color. The black race has the highest rate of albinos of any race. And yes, such albinos are fully black. On the other hand, this so called “one-drop” theory that says that if you are part black, then you are black is a bunch of bull. First, it was invented by the racist white slave-owner for the benefit of the racist white slave owner and not the slave. And I will not have my views dictated by dead racist white slave-owners. Second, it’s racist. It’s based on the theory that black blood is a taint so much so that it taints and spoils all the other blood that is there. And that as a taint, all must be thrown in the garbage that is the black. We’re not going to co-sign on a racist theory that sees us and our ancestors as the functional equivalent of garbage. (We are not garbage and neither are our ancestors!) If you co-sign on the racist one-drop theory, then you are co-signing on racism. Third, it has no basis in reality. It says foolishly “To get more oil, just add water.” (With the black heritage being the “oil” and the anything else being the “water”) That’s foolish. At some point, if you add water to oil, it becomes watery oil and later it becomes oily water. And if you add enough water to the oil, it becomes virtually indistinguishable from plain water and will be fit to drink. At some point if you add water to oil, it becomes unable to lubricate and stops functioning as oil.

    Therefore, Pan-Africanist American-African writer, historian and professor John Henrik Clark wisely said “You cannot make a good African between the legs of a European woman.” Dr. Claud Anderson came to the same conclusion saying, “If I pour water into gasoline I didn’t make it any stronger, I made it weaker.” You cannot make more “oil” by simply adding “water”. To think that you can is foolish—and racist.

    (Racism is the belief that one race is inferior or superior to another race. The “one-drop” theory with blacks as a taint, as garbage clearly fits into that racist scheme.)

    Now, there are people who are sufficiently diluted of their black DNA that they are not black. No race of people is “pure” so having some other-than-black ancestry does not make you not black. Just like having some other-than-white ancestry does not make you not white. Certainly if your non-black DNA is equal to or equivalent to your black DNA, then you are not black. Furthermore, one’s race or ethnicity is not like a club. You either are or are not “born that way”. You can’t join it like a club. They are people—just not black people. They are humans—just not black humans. Such people include former President Obama, Mariah Carey, David McIntosh, Boris Kodjoe, Shemar Moore, Halle Berry, Tiger Woods, Benjamin Jealous (former head of the NAACP who is 90% white by DNA), Melisa Harris-Perry, etc. (Halle Berry foolishly said that since she was black, her daughter is also black. Well, the fact is that Halle Berry is half-black so is biracial and that her daughter is born of a white man so is ¾ white! Such foolishness!) (And Tiger Woods is ¼ black and ½ Chinese! Yet some want to call him black! Correction: He’s mixed race!) Such people are mixed, mulatto or biracial. We oppose racism in all its forms and permutations (including the racist canard called the “one-drop” theory) and we ask you to oppose racism in all its forms and permutations too. When you know better, you do better.

    1. This isn’t racism, it’s just human nature. A person is considered black by people if they have a majority of negroid features or if they have a combination of distinct features, such as our nose or skin. Some negroid features are distinct for two reasons: scientific racism and they’re the most populated minority. We have to judge a person’s race by their appearance, there isn’t time to have their blood tested. In the United States, we identify by race instead of ethnicity; Tiger Woods was born in the United States, so he’s aware of our customs.

      Looking at Tiger Woods, regardless of his ethnicity, his race will always be black when people see him; not because of the one-drop theory, but because he has a combination of skin darkened by melanin, along with the now distinct negroid nose and lips. Insisting that people call him “Cablinasian,” when in the US he’s understandably considered black because of his features, comes off as vain and petty; so I don’t like him.

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