my virginity will be broken later on this week! (guest who?)

even though i’ve been a reoccurring featured guest on tmz live these last two years,
i’m usually just on there to give an opinion and bounce.
i’m always grateful for the opportunity whenever they call.
this week,
i’m about to do something else just as amazing for myself and the foxhole…

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dababy allegedly loses his virginity at 5?

i love how honest males are being about molestation.
it use to be vixens laying their trauma on the table,
but males are speaking up with their truths.
is the next male to share his alleged experience of being molested.
this is what he had to say on a past “lip service” podcast

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f0xmail: I Want To Lose My Virginity on Grindr! Help!


I’ve been stalking your blog for about 2 years now but I never comment, but I love your blog and the advice you give so now it’s time for me to ask for some advice for my self.

Some background about me, I am 18 years old and I live in London and I am attracted to females and males so I guess I’m bi and I guess I’m DL because nobody knows about it, but right now I’m thinking of experimenting. I’ve been curious for a long time but now, I’ve had sex with a girl and I’ve watched gay porn since like a few months ago and I like it but bare in mind that I’ve been curious for a very long time, like probably since 13 years old. However, now, I want to take my curiosity to the next level…

I want to try sex with a man.

Recently, I downloaded Grindr ( I know, bad move) but it’s seemingly the only place to find someone who wants to get down and where I live I’m sure there are gays but the girls come out more than boys. It is interesting to see who uses it though because I’m seeing people who you wouldn’t think are gay and I’ve actually chatted to one – he told me he was “straight-acting” , but was out to his boys, i just found that interesting, like you know those type of gays are around but not until you actually see it for yourself, its fascinating. Anyway, I am aware of how bad that app can get, I don’t trust anyone on there, I don’t act a fool and stupidly send pics to everyone, like I don’t know if I could be talking to the killer so I’m very conscious about who I’m talking to, but obviously you never know because people are very good actors.

I’ve got the usual DL worries, I’m scared that someone will see my messages or this guy I’m currently talking to will tell other people about me, at this time of writing, we have not exchanged face pics but we have described ourselves to each other and I like the sound of him, there is a spark. But, I‘m scared that I may be going in too fast and acting like I’m ready when I’m not, you know? It’s annoying because me being ready fluctuates – sometimes I am and I feel to try the dick and sometimes I’m like maybe not now.

As slightly previously mentioned , I’ve met this one guy on Grindr and we seem to be clicking, we’ve moved from Grindr to iMessage and I’m literally talking to him as I type this and (UPDATE) – he’s just given me a time frame of 9 days to “get some”, as he mentioned that his “head game was crazy”, and I said that “I want some of that” – messy I know.

So basically Jamari, my questions to you are:

1) Do I continue using Grindr to explore my curiousity (in terms of having gay sex), becasue the main thing I want to try is sex with a guy
2) Any tips with using an app like Grindr?
3) Am I rushing into things, I only started using Grindr however at times I feel like 100% ready then at times my confidence comes all the way back down and I don’t feel ready at all
4) Any tips to prepare for sex with a guy?

I’m sorry if this seems long and messy but I am hoping for your advice really soon, I am a fan and I love your work on here. Congratulations on your recent job position by the way, it’s nice too see your growth on here and how you broadcast it.

Help me, Jamari!


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“Tex Brown” Takes A Virginity (Sorta)

/the following is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.
straights can move past this one.


Who remembers losing their virginity?

*raises hand*
mine was interesting.
i know it hurt like hell.
the wolf i was with was excited to be taking my virginity,
but he also went about it very slowly.
i didn’t get the “beat my brains out/scarred for life” experience most had.
well tripp ali is really attractive without that mop on his head.
the one he uses in his web series,
“tex brown”.
he starred in another web series called “steel river”.
in the first episode,
he played a thug wolf taking a high school fox’s virginity-ish.
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Tonight I Did Something I Never Did Before (Virginity)

tumblr_kzawdb1AOH1qa2dy9o1_500so tonight i did something i never did before.
it was my first time.
it was a pretty good experience tho.
i would probably do it again,
but i didn’t think id ever pay for something like that…
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Breezy Wolf Learned How To Beat Up A Coochie At Age 8

touched for the very first time…
breezy wolf can definitely relate.
he has said a lot of things,
but this latest admission by far is the most… wow.
he admits to the guardian that he lost his virginity at a eight years old.
he also admits that is the reason he knows his way inside sum walls today…

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