Tonight I Did Something I Never Did Before (Virginity)

tumblr_kzawdb1AOH1qa2dy9o1_500so tonight i did something i never did before.
it was my first time.
it was a pretty good experience tho.
i would probably do it again,
but i didn’t think id ever pay for something like that…

i was feeling frisky,
so i decided to put on my clothes and go out.
since it was hot as hell,
i wanted to go from one a/c to another.
my crib to the movie theater.

tumblr_n81fo78JOL1qkbd00o1_500smart fox am i!
i wore a very simple outfit.
dark blue with white polka dot polo,
drop crotch sweat shorts,
and some dark blue and white nike dunks.
it was way too hot to even attempt serious “fox swagg”.

i ended up seeing transformers.
transformers in imax 3d.
i never experienced a movie in imax before.
well i don’t think i have.
imax took my virginity tonight and it blew me away.

tumblr_n5j9u885Rx1qg02bao1_500i’ve seen movies in 3d before,
but it was a totally different situation in imax.
i literally felt like i was in the movie.
if you haven’t seen it yet,
you will probably see me when you do.
i was the random black guy running for his life.

the movie itself was pretty good,
but it was really long as fuck.
not that i would have liked a quickie,
but i started getting tired pretty quickly.
i even caught myself saying,
“hurry up and finish!”.
i don’t think transformers is the type of movie we watch to think anyway.
we just want to see shit getting blown up and crazy special effects.
it lived up to that.
ask me what the movie was about tho?
couldn’t tell ya.

i made an effort to “feel” good while i was outside.
i noticed i walked more confidently.
i didn’t have a care in the world.
i saw wolves that i wouldn’t kick out of bed,
but in a twist of fate,
i didn’t let them enter my mind past the physical.
i saw a muscular one who walked fresh out the gym,
but i didn’t feel that “lack” i normally have.
he didn’t look at me + not interested = not my type anyway.
it felt good to just be out ’n’ about in the new yawk streets.
while watching the movie,
i did imagine what it would be like if i was there on a date.
what position i would sit.
how i would make him go get some popcorn since i ate my hotdog so fast.

10xdp44i actually enjoyed the fantasy.

after the movie was over,
i went into a little pizza shop and got myself a slice.
i people watched for a bit,
but the humidity was out of control.
i use to hate going to the movies alone,
but i actually enjoyed going tonight by myself.
i feel i’ll be doing it more often.

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Tonight I Did Something I Never Did Before (Virginity)”

  1. I always go to the movies alone, and sometimes out to eat. It’s so relaxing. You just sit back and enjoy whatever’s going around you.

  2. I always go to the movies alone. Its my thing. Cant bother wrangling people together. I usually get a burrito, chipotle of course and sit in the dark. Since my schedule is pretty flexible Im usually in the movies mid week earlier in the day, when nooooo one is there.

  3. Yeah I always go the movie by myself these days, around here if you go before 6pm its only 5 dollars . I go like before 12 noon so I can enjoy the movie in peace without the huge crowds.

  4. It’s always good to have some me time. It’s great for the soul.

    P.S. Where did you find those shorts? I have been looking for drop crotch shorts and sweatpants for a minute now.

  5. “Me” time is important. We must enjoy time with ourselves. How can you look for a partner if u can’t enjoy you? Something I always say to myself. But Jamari it is summertime so summer fun is needed. To much “me” time is not good either. People tend to get too content with that.

  6. I’m gonna check this IMAX movies.
    But it would be interesting to have sex in a theater.

    1. ^yea check it out.
      it cost 22 dollars,
      but the experience is worth it.
      the screen is huge and it does stadium seating.
      make sure to sit in the middle because you want the full effect of it.

  7. There is nothing wrong with going to the movies alone. Quality time with yourself is always good, but one day you will have a man to go with.

  8. My boss once said to me that having a date with yourself is a good thing, I didn’t believe him till I experienced the same thing you did tonight and in the end I was really happy, sometimes your own company us good enough 🙂

    1. ^i completely agree solar!
      plus you can do whatever you want without the judgment of people.
      like I wanted to people watch and enjoy the atmosphere.

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