dababy allegedly loses his virginity at 5?

i love how honest males are being about molestation.
it use to be vixens laying their trauma on the table,
but males are speaking up with their truths.
is the next male to share his alleged experience of being molested.
this is what he had to say on a past “lip service” podcast

“I lost my virginity at 4 or 5-years-old. I got two older brothers. So all the older n—s from the neighborhood, they used to come to the crib. My momma worked two jobs. She would get off her job and go to her other job. She wouldn’t even be home. Me and my brothers would come straight home from school. We little a** boys. I was copying off them n— humping on her leg, sucking on her titties, that type of s*** at 5 years old. B***h R. Kelly’d me when I think about it.”

he went on reveal the alleged age of said she-hyena:

According to the rapper, the mystery girl was, “was grown. Like 17-18.”

He added, “That’s my first time sharing that on camera.” While DaBaby doesn’t quite consider the incident losing his virginity, he did acknowledge his early experience was normalized by his peers. “I ain’t know what I was doing then. I knew more than the average 5-year-old,” Kirk said. 

wtf in the actual fuck…

it’s really fucked up he went through something like that.
i can only imagine how his brothers were cheering him on.
that’s the type of toxic masculinity usually “accepted” by most.
that can really fuck with a child.
it’s one thing to lose your virginity to someone your own age,
and even being so young is pushing it,
but to someone in their teens and you’re like 5????

we gotta protect our kids from these predators.
i hope dababy was able to get therapy for that kind of trauma.

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you can watch the whole podcast:

6 thoughts on “dababy allegedly loses his virginity at 5?

  1. Chris Brown lost his at 8. People act like it makes them a “real man”. It’s very disturbing and this to me explains Chris and DaBaby’s erratic behavior. They don’t know why, but this is a huge part of their disturbance.

  2. I’m sorry but I think something that needs to stay in 2019 is this overblown concept of “Toxic masculinity”, outside of academia and or clinical study I think it’s used wrong in general conversation. What happened to Jonathan Kirk “ Da Baby” was wrong and the blame should be squarely aimed at the 17 year old girl that engaged with a 5 year old, but when you introduce concepts like “Toxic masculinity” into it ; it almost shifts the responsibility from the girl and attempts to place it on some male conduit in this case maybe even the brothers who they themselves might have been younger than the woman in question based on the way the story has been presented. Not to totally shift topics but I think this story also highlights the hypocrisy of our current society where we can clearly see what happened to the Jonathan and a 8 year old Chris Brown as wrong but then in the same breath kind of celebrate Zion Wade. I think its great that D. Wade has created a safe space for his son, but I kind of cringe at the idea of a 12 year old Zion ( and if we’re honest the conversation has been going on for a while so he was really more like 9 or 10 years old when the conversation around his sexuality started) expressing any kind of sexuality, at the end of the day children shouldn’t be sexualized they should be allowed to enjoy the innocence of childhood for as long as possible.

  3. Guess this is why a grown man wants to be called da baby perhaps he was missing his youth idk still thinks hes a child

  4. His career is his therapy. I knew pre-school kids who got caught getting head in the coat closet. Some of this is due to lack of parenting and lack of help. Like he said, his mama worked two jobs. Don’t mean she was a bad parent, she didn’t know that and I’m sure she would have beat his older brothers and the girl ass! What he didn’t do is follow their footsteps. He found a career and stopped that cycle. Its not always bad parenting, its the people around the kids and most of the time, its family. Most of it is not about molesting the kids but them thinking its a rights of passage to show them what to do when they get older.

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