it’s time for another test to see where i’m are at

often times when we ask God for something,
shit tends to go south very quickly.
you can’t expect to get anything in life that easy.
you often have to put in a ton of work to achieve your goal.
so when i’m trying to manifest something i truly desire,
i’ve always noticed that it never comes easily.
when we are in school,
we must take a test at the end of a semester.
you will be tested in the school of hard knocks.
now i don’t know if it’s just me

…but i’m often put through immense amont of bullshit beforehand.
pureeeeeeeeeeeeee legit stink bullshit.
expect a whole blood,
and tears by the time it’s done.
after i laid my intentions on new years:



it seems in every avenue of my life,
things are taking a turn for the worst.
i’ve asked for some things to come into fruition and the drama has popped off.
i feel bummed by everything that’s happening,
but i’m at peace with the results.
no matter how hard these tests are,
i’m gonna take the blows as they come.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “it’s time for another test to see where i’m are at”

  1. Well I’m not into astrology and that kind of thing, but maybe Life is clearing things out that you don’t need so you’ll be less distracted and more focused on the prize.

    Every tough time I’ve had I looked back on and realized what I was fighting for, wasn’t even worth it and I ended up with something that eventually was more my speed. Here’s hoping this is just a spiritual spring cleaning that turns out for the best eventually.

    Maybe it’s time to touch base with Head Huntress to see if your work there can give you an edge elsewhere.

    1. ^i feel like jobs,
      and other shit is hitting the fan.
      i have no money this week and i feel like i’m mentally struggling.

      you are right tho.
      i think things are being cleared out and away so i can focus on what’s important.

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