molly aka yvonne orji will test you after she says “no” for a picture?

i think people love to test us.
it seems we live in a society that is all about proving ourselves.
you want a relationship?
prove yourself.
you want that career?
prove yourself.
you want to be the better sibling?
prove yourself.

After you look like a serious pick-me,
that is when you have passed the test.

molly from hbo’s insecure,
aka yvonne orji,
says she doesn’t like the word “no“.
a fan wanted a picture with her in 2018 at a women’s empowerment event in boston.
molly ended up saying no but there was a reason why

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it’s time for another test to see where i’m are at

often times when we ask God for something,
shit tends to go south very quickly.
you can’t expect to get anything in life that easy.
you often have to put in a ton of work to achieve your goal.
so when i’m trying to manifest something i truly desire,
i’ve always noticed that it never comes easily.
when we are in school,
we must take a test at the end of a semester.
you will be tested in the school of hard knocks.
now i don’t know if it’s just me

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Sausage and Fish Sammiches (Kinsey Scale)

2000px-Kinsey_Scale.svgso they say a majority of people are “bi”.
i feel some wolves would try it for the right person.
a fat ass seems to have no gender these days.
sometimes an aura or femininity is all it takes.
well i feel vixens are more honest about their sexualities.
men will take their secrets to the grave.
since i’m up,
my cousin and i decided to take the kinsey scale test.
i wanted to see what i was and she was curious.
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Life Ain’t Sweet Without Being Tested

tumblr_myv7xgrpij1rdjx0to4_1280they say in the bible:

“to much is given,
much is tested…”

well i think thats in the bible.
either way i had a thought tonight while i lay on the couch.
the thought was has anyone
gotten to where they needed to be,
 into the relationship of their dreams,
or even just lived an overall better life,
by just being tested to all extremes?
i had to wonder…

Do we really achieve greatness after great tests?

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Will Oraquick Be In Your Medicine Cabinet?

oraquick-in-home-hiv-test_3so oraquick will let you know if you contracted hiv
just at your crib.
yes now for 40 dollars,
you can know if all your ratchetness finally caught up with you while laying on your bed.
or your kitchen floor next to the knives.
robin_crying_gif_by_namgis-d5zpvrbi saw the commercial this morning and asked myself if people will take this oral test seriously?
“yo holdeded onz!
wait a minutez!
i gotta checkz to see if my hiv resultz will come back positivez or not!
ima take a cabz to the club afta i getz it!”

i wonder if will this be a necessity on our top shelves with the fleet and flushable wipes?

well learn more about: oraquick