Will Oraquick Be In Your Medicine Cabinet?

oraquick-in-home-hiv-test_3so oraquick will let you know if you contracted hiv
just at your crib.
yes now for 40 dollars,
you can know if all your ratchetness finally caught up with you while laying on your bed.
or your kitchen floor next to the knives.
robin_crying_gif_by_namgis-d5zpvrbi saw the commercial this morning and asked myself if people will take this oral test seriously?
“yo holdeded onz!
wait a minutez!
i gotta checkz to see if my hiv resultz will come back positivez or not!
ima take a cabz to the club afta i getz it!”

i wonder if will this be a necessity on our top shelves with the fleet and flushable wipes?

well learn more about: oraquick

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Will Oraquick Be In Your Medicine Cabinet?”

      1. Hold up lol. All Foxes do not know when to turn off ratchet. Some Foxes need to take this test too, not just the Wolves. I didn’t sleep with my ex, but if I knew what I found out about him after we broke up, he damn sure would have taken this test. He told me he had been around. I asked him how many people he had been with? He said “Oh not that many.” When a dude can’t give you a straight answer, you know his body count his high. Foxes hoe too.Told y’all about bashin us. It goes both ways.

  1. Of course people are taking this seriously. It is the same technology that is used in the healthcare industry.

  2. If only this existed back in the 90’s. We’d be used to making are sexual partners take this test and the HIV/Aids count would probably be lower.

  3. This could help a lot of people to know their status and that of their sexual partner(s) but they still need to play safe.

  4. frostyandfoxy, you know a lot of guys have other guys take this test before sex. That’s good but expensive at $40 a pop (literally popping that “boy pussy”). This is a good thing because I suspect that it can be ordered by mail and in small town America, who wants everybody at the health clinic “in their business”. And some guys in big city USA don’t want to go to clinics to get checked for HIV for fear that a friend or relative will see him go into the HIV testing clinic and conclude that he’s gay!

    I’d like the price brought down to under $20 a pop. If it gets to below $10 a pop, you’ll find guys saying for hook-ups “I just took the Oraquick test and I’m leaving my place now. By the time I get to your place, I’ll show you my results. And you take that test too and I’ll look at your results when I get there and before we get down.” Of course, even with “negative” results, one should still have safer sex!

      1. yes! I wondering the same thing. for 40 buck i hope its for multiple and I always thought about this product but the price..

  5. I see that it’s on Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Completely-Private-yourself-facilities-involved/dp/B00AOOXVFS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1399145466&sr=8-1&keywords=oraquick+hiv with good reviews and people noted the privacy of taking the test.

    And Amazon.com also has Gonorrhea Home Test and Chlamydia Home Test. But at about $40 a pop, that’s too much for Jamari or much of anyone else buying a case at a time. At $40 a pop, you can order a case at a time if you’re a professoinal athlete or a team owner like Donald Sterling or more wealthy than the average person.

  6. I don’t like this train of thought, at all.

    People should test with trained medical professionals.

    If it’s positive then what? You gonna tar and feather the person? Not sleep with them? Spread their business in the streets? Console them?

    How is this movie gonna end?

    Continue to practice safer sex, look into a TRUVADA prescription if you’re HIV Negative, continue to take your meds if you’re HIV Positive, and think long and hard about using this single test to get your swerve on or using it to judge people or yourself as “clean”.

    HIV isn’t the only monster out there circulating in the world.

    So you “pass” a HIV test, okay so what about HPV, Herpes, Hepatitis A/B/C, Hypertension, or Homocidal Mania?

    The reality is people do not what to know their statuses on multiple illness or infections.

    I want to know it all: STI statuses, FICO scores, Systolic blood pressure (the top number!), are you four kinds of crazy, and what the fuck will you do for a Klondike bar?

    Chess not checkers, people. Stay woke.

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