What Are They Doing To Arianna Grande?

TRUSTNORIHANNAwhite hooker boots?
  terrible dancing?
people looking and judging?
what is happening to arianna grande this era?
i know they want her to be the next “mariah carey“.
at least focused on mariah’s voice before she went “full fledged hoe” on our asses.
as you know,
i loved arianna’s first album.
i thought it was a well put together feel good pop album.
arianna’s recent performance at iheartmusic music awards tho…

tumblr_n4yq4w3YAP1qildw9o1_250rihanna is so damn shady.
i love her “caught off guard” moments.
even tho she shouldn’t be laughing because…
hell everyone else in the audience didn’t look impressed either.
arianna is not just “this chick”.
her people need to be shot for this new image.


Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “What Are They Doing To Arianna Grande?”

  1. I was like “WTH is Jamari complaining about? Then she took off the sweater….We can’t really be surprised though. That image is like the new pre-requisite for having a successful career.

  2. My voice is hell of basic and blah I can’t dance to save my life but that did tickle me as well. Mis grande chrunch wrap supreme can sing very well though.

  3. the only thing i hate about this are she shoes- she shouldve worn the white shoes from the second pic where shes on the chair. the ones from her Performance look so cheap and the other ones are classy and chic! Scooter Braun, you Need to spent more on a voice like that, please ! i hate when Talent is combined with wrong Management.

  4. I don’t think Rihanna was laughing at her to be a bitch but laughing because she’s so cute? idk like you know when a baby is dancing and its cute?

  5. Wow that was kinda uncomfortable to watch but she’s just finding herself I hope they get something that actually works for her. And as much as I love Rihanna she has had some cringe worthy moments especially in her early years so she should be the last person in that room to be laughing.

  6. And if you don’t think that sex sells, ask Jamari Fox. This blog is sex, wrapped in sex, dipped in sex and topped with nice sex sprinkles. (Of course, that’s just a very small part of what brings me back regularly. I tune in regularly for Jamari’s scintillating write-ups about the Central African Republic, Ukraine and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.)

  7. Sex sells. She apparently wants to sell records and move her image from “little girl” to “young woman”. If you don’t think that sex sells, ask Madonna, Rhianna, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Lady GaGa, Brandy, Usher, Mariah Cary and Jason Derulo, among many.

  8. I like her new image it’s a lil bit of slutty and a little bit of class. It reminds me of 90s Mariah

  9. This is obviously what people wanted her to be. This one girl I know kept saying Ariana needs to switch up her style because she dresses like a five year old. What’s wrong? Ain’t she just embracing her sexuality? 😉

  10. I think she is a pretty thing. Haven’t listened to any of her music in depth but from what I’ve heard, she an ok songstress.

  11. Ok….As catchy as her songs are, Rihanna should not be laughing at anyone. Her dancing isn’t that great..WHEN SHE DOES DANCE (and how often is that?)…and she damn sure can’t sing! So ho sit down! lol

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