i’m coming

*i’m currently laying in the swamp of the valley.
my fur is covered in mud and i haven’t gotten up from the bank.
the hyenas and jackals are trying to figure out if i’m dead.
they want to eat me alive.
as the tears are welling up in my eyes,
i am trying to find the strength to get up.
there was a point i was on top of a big mountain,
but evil forces threw me all the way back down to the bottom.

the swamp is a good place to be tho…

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What Are They Doing To Arianna Grande?

TRUSTNORIHANNAwhite hooker boots?
  terrible dancing?
people looking and judging?
what is happening to arianna grande this era?
i know they want her to be the next “mariah carey“.
at least focused on mariah’s voice before she went “full fledged hoe” on our asses.
as you know,
i loved arianna’s first album.
i thought it was a well put together feel good pop album.
arianna’s recent performance at iheartmusic music awards tho…
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