i’m coming

*i’m currently laying in the swamp of the valley.
my fur is covered in mud and i haven’t gotten up from the bank.
the hyenas and jackals are trying to figure out if i’m dead.
they want to eat me alive.
as the tears are welling up in my eyes,
i am trying to find the strength to get up.
there was a point i was on top of a big mountain,
but evil forces threw me all the way back down to the bottom.

the swamp is a good place to be tho…

it’s crazy how silence can be deafening.
when you are alone with your own thoughts,
it can feel like you’re the only person alive.
its no secret that my 2020 has started out so horribly.
on the second day on this new year and decade,
i was literally fighting for redemption of my character.
it always feels like i’m fighting for something.

fighting to be taken seriously.
fighting to be loved.
fighting to be attracted to.
fighting to be heard.

right now,
the enemy thinks i’m down for the count.
 at this moment,
i am.
what the enemy doesn’t understand is:

This is all a set up for a huge comeback for me

i’ve been at in these swamps before.
it seems murkier than the last,
but i’ve been on my knees more times than i can count.
even though i’m cornered at this moment,
i’m still optimistic about this year.

1) world foxhole domination
2) career goals coming through
3) my seat at the table
4) a consistent dick appointment when needed
5) money, money, money

i’ll get up from this mud pit soon.
i’ll wash my fur off and come out the other side.
my enemies will be my foot stools and ill walk over them to my destiny.
right now,
i need a minute to process and proceed.
you gotta take a step back to spring forward in full force.

Everyone against me will go down if i have anything to say about it.

this new era of my life: i’m coming“.
anyone who stands in my way

low-key: some of us need to come a little harder this year.
lets come hard together.

5 thoughts on “i’m coming

  1. “Comes out of lurking mode” Totally I agree with this, especially the last sentence. Happy New Year to the FH.

  2. Idk about anybody else, I feel like 2020 is going to be a good year for some and bad for others. No in-betweens this time. Jamari, I’m glad you’re optimistic about your life and where you’re going. It’s time you claim what is yours.

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