russy simmons isn’t diggy simmons

not everyone can be “the fine one“.
being “the fine one” comes with a lot.
russy simmons was minding his business,
taking pics,
and this happened…


russy since deleted the picture since that tweet went viral.
many folks came to his defense which i liked.

when diggy was younger,
they both looked similar to me.
as they grew up,
their features and body types changed.
diggy is all about how his upkeep and playing “the fine one“:

russy seems more low-key.
he is only 20.
folks gotta understand shit like this could really fuck with someone.
what if he mentally compares himself to diggy?
what if he feels insecure around his own brother?
that tweet could have sent him over the edge.
it’s all fun and games until someone kills themselves over slander.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “russy simmons isn’t diggy simmons”

  1. It’s important to note that the picture of Russy was grossly photoshopped which is evident by the door behind him. It’s scary how many people succumb to the powers of photo manipulation. Wish we all were a bit kinder…and smarter.

  2. That’s so not cool. While imo Diggy is sexy af, so what? Looks are subjective like almost everything else in this world. Pretty sure there are some people who find Russy cute and Diggy not cute at all. This world can be so superficial at times it’s seriously disgusting.

  3. The ones that’s talking will never in a lifetime get to experience what he has in his 20 years of living. Half of them probably ain’t got a damn passport while they flapping their gums.

  4. Young Diggy actually is not bad ..Its sad that folks are comparing him to his brother.

    I bet he is gonna get the LAST LAUGH..

    I grew up with a big Bother who was” Dark & Handsome Ladies man” and I was the “Smart Bi-Speckled Nerd” that grew into his looks and the roles have switched!!

    Have Faith Diggy ( BTW… Facial Hair, Hair Cut and A Gym can do wonders ) Smile..


    “The Dog Who is now having his day “

  5. Lmbao…What if.🤷🏾‍♂️ i hope his ass stronger than what you making him appear to be…Nobody worried about how his brother look but yall and them thirsty ass girls. I hope his parents raised him not to give any fuccs what anyone thinks…To many weak ass people in this world who wanna take the easy way out..Life gets better & whtever freaking happens in life just give it to god & trust in the lord🎯

    1. I looked. People are actually in his comments telling him to commit suicide. People are insane and disgusting.

  6. Boy time fly, I remember when he was that adorable kid and now all grown up. He shouldn’t worry about those trolls. We all get judged

  7. Twitter forgets life happened before 2010. Puberty got Diggy together. They obviously didn’t grow up with “Run’s House” on MTV and it shows. Russy could look like Jojo.

  8. I saw alot of those comments and man were they bad. All I can say is I hope he understands that in the real world nobody really gives a fuck what he looks like. He seems to have a solid family around him and that what matters at the end of the day. I also hope Russy doesn’t take the Twitter shit too seriously. Twitter, black Twitter in specific goes in on everybody. It sucks but it’s the truth. Unplug if you need to and keep moving forward.

  9. Honestly, this whole thing is trash because the Simmons family hasn’t produced any ugly kids, they all look good as hell. Vanessa (in my opinion one of the finest women out there), Angela (looks fine), JoJo ( looks good), Diggy (fine), Russy (looks good). Really if they wanted to all Russy and Jojo would have to do is hit the gym like Diggy and get their V lines together and they would be up there too. Diggy just grew into his look with the right hairstyle and a good feel for fashion and it all works together for the finished product. Right now to me Russy just looks a little young for his age (he is in his 20’s, but still looks 16) and maybe a little underweight based on real photos; let Russy put another 5 years on in combo with getting his body right and he’ll be there too.

  10. Why are people so f*cking cruel? Why do so many get so much pleasure from hurting other people? Russy has already expressed how much he’s in Diggy’s shadow, and this will only make him feel worse about himself. I hope he blossoms into the person he wants to be and gives zero f**** about the haters out there. They’ll be the main ones up in his grill for coins down the road.

  11. This is so not cool. Like at all. I hate the internet sometimes, while its been very helpful in society it has also given mindless demons a platform that they wouldn’t usually have in the real world. I hope Russ is good. Btw he is 22 not 20

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