who knew this was where delonte west would end up

the following story is so sad.
i couldn’t believe it when i saw it trending on twitter.
as someone who has a relative that suffers from bipolar,
i know out of control it can make the person.
if they aren’t taking their medication,
the disease ultimately takes over.
the whole time i knew mi was bipolar,
i didn’t get why she did the things she did.
most of us don’t understand why former nba baller wolf,
delonte west,
who had it all is currently homeless and getting beat up on the highway...

his former teammate,
jameer nelson,
posted this to his twitter:

it’s sad we live in a time that instead of helping someone,
we pull out our phones to record so it can go viral.
i wouldn’t be fontin’ about it today but still…

so i remember when he played in the league.
he was a pretty good baller wolf and then he vanished.
i thought it was because of the alleged rumor he slept with lebron’s mother.
i figure king james banished him and he was working a regular 9 to 5 somewhere.
who knew he was suffering at the hands of mental health issues.

this is all really disheartening to see him like that,
but bipolar folks can’t see the error in their own ways.
mi tried to kill me and then was concerned i’d kill myself because of it.
until they take their meds,
and stick to that regiment,
it will continue to make them spiral.
last i heard is that mi is running wild through these forests,
but her family continues to enable her so she feels invisible.
until that ends,
i predict the same fate (or worst) like delonte.
like mi,
i hope for a better and positive end to delonte’s story.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “who knew this was where delonte west would end up”

  1. This is really sad and def a mental health issue. He likely went years without diagnosis because when black men display any signs of issues or need of help people laugh, or just say “oh the patriarchy” or “toxic masculinity” and no one was looking at that man as a human being wondering what help he needed and offering him that.

    The majority of homeless in this country are black men, and their prior financial lives range from millionaire like him to poor, but what they all share in common is folks don’t see us as humans deserving of love, including our own communities.

    1. ^and as soon as they kill themselves,
      it’s a whole different conversation.
      people don’t appreciate others until they are at harm to themselves or dead within the black/gay community.

  2. I don’t know who this guy is but I’m tired of the “We need to pray for him” line. Someone needs to.go a physically help him. If his family ain’t helping him then someone needs to go help him. Get the man some help. You know he isn’t in his right mind. Instead of sitting up praying, take action. I don’t know what his friend has done so far to help so I can’t speak on that but if that was my friend…. It would be on and popping! Baby, I don’t even know this dude and the clip made me glare…Maybe I’m letting my sensitive nature speak out too much about the situation.

    Not one of my highlight viewings for Tuesday

    Not only are the majority of homeless black but a lot them are also LGBTQ and not even 20, some not even 17.

  3. What Jammy said! Out of everybody in the league he played with, not one person is willing to take him to a shelter, rehab, mental institution or hospital. Granted, yes the NBA can help as well but to look down on him, that says a lot about the league and the players.

  4. So sad to see smfh. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I am also equally confused like everybody else why nobody that is/was close to him has reached out to help him. Now granted helping people does have its limits, but he’s literally at the lowest of the low right now. Couldn’t be anybody I knew, ESPECIALLY a relative/close friend.

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