he might have ghosted you because he’s mentally unwell

photo credit: hbo

dating is hard.
getting to know someone is hard.
it’s all hard.
you meet someone you’re interested in,
you talk for hours,
fuck for hours,
and then they just up and dip on you.
they could text you to ask if they can come through,
but they can’t use those same words to let you know they need a minute.
they can fuck a stranger they met raw,
but be scared to let you know they aren’t interested.
it’s really disrespectful,
but after watching “insecure” i had to wonder…

Are many people out here dating with severe mental health issues?

it was interesting to hear nathan and issa’s conversation
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who knew this was where delonte west would end up

the following story is so sad.
i couldn’t believe it when i saw it trending on twitter.
as someone who has a relative that suffers from bipolar,
i know out of control it can make the person.
if they aren’t taking their medication,
the disease ultimately takes over.
the whole time i knew mi was bipolar,
i didn’t get why she did the things she did.
most of us don’t understand why former nba baller wolf,
delonte west,
who had it all is currently homeless and getting beat up on the highway...

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Mi Wants To Come Back To Live With Me

now that i’ve seen someone with bipolar in action,
i understand everything about the disorder now.
when i see chris brown acting up,
it all makes sense to me.
mi has most of the similar traits.
i got a call from a family member in regards to mi today.
crwzy enough,
she has been on my mind a lot too…

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Mariah Has A Confession

i was on a full mariah kick last week.
i never listened to her first two albums,
but i was into them.
her first was a really good debut.
i’m upset it took me this long.
well mariah admitted something today.
for some,
it might not be shocked,
and it gets a full “duh” from others.
she admitted she is bipolar in “people magazine”.
these are her quotes from the article…
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