Mi Wants To Come Back To Live With Me

now that i’ve seen someone with bipolar in action,
i understand everything about the disorder now.
when i see chris brown acting up,
it all makes sense to me.
mi has most of the similar traits.
i got a call from a family member in regards to mi today.
crwzy enough,
she has been on my mind a lot too…

even though i have her blocked on everything,
i’ve been wondering how she has been doing.
a few weeks ago,
i spoke to one of her aunts,
but i found out they’ve cut her off as well.
she stayed at another relatives house recently,
but after another altercation,
they put her tail back in the forests.


the family member told me how mi is trying to reconnect.
she is begging to live with me again.

“i should never have put my paws on jamari…”

she “understands” when i said she needs to get it together now.
the family member said that mi sounded like she was high on drugs.
the way she was talking was slow,
but it was real erratic.
i told the family member that i was good on that.
she went and told certain family members,
in her pleas for sympathy for a place to stay,
how i was “mean” to her and had wolves “in and out”.
she bold face lied and also lowkey outed me as well.
we’re pretty much over after that.
she isn’t taking her medication also.
that’s all the warning i needed.

it made me sad tho.
i tried to help her foxhole.
you know i did.
i gave her the tools she needed for success.
like her aunt told me,
she wanted to be in the forests with the hood.
it’s bad that i found out many tried to help her too.
the thing about the “bad ones” is everyone comes to their rescue.

mi had connects with college since her aunt and uncle work at one.
burned that bridge.
she was offered free therapy sessions to help her.
didn’t show up.
she had many nice ass cribs she could stay at.
physically assaulted each and last one of us.

if i had the connects she has,
i promise you i’d be a college graduate by now.
i never got none of the help that she has gotten.
it’s so funny how they looked down on me before,
but calling me to trash her yet praise my “growth”.
story of my life.
she is good at manipulating folks so she’ll get more “help” offers.
for my sanity and peace tho,
i will continue to pray for her from afar.
as i’m writing this,
i just got an email alert:

it’s mi.
i’m trying to contact you…”

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Mi Wants To Come Back To Live With Me”

  1. I have been learning thru therapy that you can’t save or help everyone. Sometimes all you can do is pray for them.

  2. I agree with Chris. Jamari, if you know deep inside your heart and soul you did EVERYTHING in your power to help mi, wash your hands. Life is sometimes the best teacher and that is the only way that she will see the light. Sometimes the best way to help a person is to not help at all….

  3. Jamari, I had a sister who was out there, it hurt me to my heart to see her like that, only godcan change people, we prayed and prayed for her thank God that he turned her life around,when I tell you!!! In church now and everything,. I pray that things work out for you my friend!!!

  4. If she was just lazy and irresponsible I would maybe consider it but she is violent.She has assaulted multiple people,next time she may seriously injure someone.

  5. She made her bed. Now she must lie in it. Maya Angelu said when someone shows you who they are, believe them. She certainly crossed the line when she got physical.

  6. you’ve gotta talk to her. Put an end to all of this with your words. She’s probably incapable of real8zing how you feel about the situation and the silence is driving her crazy.

  7. damn. sad…. In other news: @jamari and et al…. Do anyone have a “membership” to SLAPMYFATTYSEASON IG page? I want to know if it is worth is or should I just take my damn $5 and get me a $5 Chalupa Supreme Box from Taco Bell?

  8. I honestly do not think that would be a good idea at all, especially after all she has done to you, including that altercation the two of you had. When you have burned all of your bridges, you have to build new ones with new people. She needs to find a way.

  9. Leave her right where she is and keep praying for her. God will open other avenues for her. You can’t have someone in your home that has physically assaulted you.

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