Everyone Meet Your New Prom King, Don Jones II

we are about to talk about ^this snack in a second.
i love when i hear about folks giving back.
nothing gets me off like compassion.
baller wolf and super snack,
don jones II of the 49ers,
did something that warmed my heart (amongst other things).
he went back to his home state and town of alabama to take a young special needs cub to her prom.
heart eyes emoji?

these are the pictures via facebook

pictures cc: facebook

how amazing is ^this?
he looked like he genuinely had a good time.
not one of those pr situations where they look miserable.
good selfless deeds will have you getting all the foxhole.
so let’s take a nibble on the snack that is don.
this is what i got from his dossier:

194 lbs
hometown: town creek; alabama
college: arkansas state
position: safety

…and don has a beautiful cub of his own:

not only is he sexy,
but he is charismatic af.
you can tell he is confident.
i see why he’d be the perfect prom king.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: don’t he kinda look like he could be peyton alex smith from “the quad” older brother…

…or it just me?

pictures/video cc: instagram

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  1. That was my secret crush like two years ago…He be talking that country slang us foxes we like !!!! Nothing like a southerner

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