Anita Baker: Giving You The Nastiest Attitude That She Got?

anita baker is one of my favorite artists.
her music legit does something to my soul.
this song tho:

this song does something to me!!!!!
i hate her music isn’t on spotify tho.

well aside from making great music,
anita’s reputation for having a nasty attitude proceeds itself.
from fans to staff,
everyone has a story about anita.
well one of the stars of the cw show,
“black lightning”,
added onto the list of complaints about auntie anita.
china mcclain shared a story about her mom meeting anita.
this is what she shared on her twitter

which made anita respond:

and then china responded back:

and then this word vomit from anita:

why does auntie type like that?
i felt like i needed a decoder.
this is one of the reasons i don’t go up to most celebs.
i give them space and watch how they moving.
i’ve had good luck with the ones i met,
but i don’t want to be disappointed by the ones i call my “favs”.
i will erase all their shit and not look back.
after seeing keri hilson in action at “sobs”,
i didn’t listen to her music up until recently.
that was about 5 years ago.
i was THAT turned off.
see you gotta be careful meeting your “favs”.
folks move different once the cameras aren’t on them.

lowkey: i keep hearing jill scott is a demon.
i don’t hear good things about her and i’m disappointed.

i know folks who met nicki minaj and said she was pretty nasty.
kim kardashian is allegedly really nice in person.
the others in that family tho?
not so much.

35 thoughts on “Anita Baker: Giving You The Nastiest Attitude That She Got?

  1. Anita is a nassy bitch.

    Her history of mistreating people is well documented. She’s even banned from performing on the continent of Africa!

    Nassy bitch on wheels.

    P.S: Jill is nasty and so is Jazmine Sullivan. I’ve heard horror stories about Miss Cicely Tyson too.

    And that Nia Long bitch, she’s savage. Makes fun of fans, sleeps with married men, just a dark soul. She rolled up on a movie set to beat up Halle Berry over Shemar Moore/Larenz Tate/Ricky Fante. I forget which one. She played that role in Roxanne, Roxanne so damn well because it’s her truth.

    With her black ass gums.

  2. Megan Good is sooo cute. Other folks I’ve heard are rude (but can’t verify) Madonna (very rude), Jason Biggs (nothing like the characters he plays), Jayden Smith (I heard he was a spoiled little a$$, I’ve heard Chilli has had some moments. Sandra Bullock, I hear is hell…Oh baby I heard Christana Aguleria (However, you spell it) is a beast!!

    Ludacris, I heard was chill. I didn’t get a chance to meet Taraji but I hear she’s chill too

    Sometimes actors be tired and just want to go and do normal things without being surrounded by “vultures” ….and then there are them ones who aren’t even C-listers and they will look at you like a Beta-Max…smh

  3. I actually believe what China said she never puts herself in drama and from what I’ve seen she seems like she has a good head on her shoulders.

    a friend of mine met Kristen bell and mentioned that she was low-key rude and she said Megan good was really sweet and nice in person.

  4. People have been saying this about Anita Baker for years. Anyone that refuses to put their music on streaming sites in this day and age is likely crazy lol

    Nicki honestly strikes me as the type to be nice in front of cameras or for show, but not genuinely.

    Hell, I’ve even heard Cardi B can be testy.

    Keri Hilson needs to give it up.

  5. I remember hearing stories about Anita and Luther not getting along at all when they toured. Luther was know as been hell on wheels. He even got into it with the ladies of En Vogue.

  6. I’ve met Will Smith…He’s very down to Earth and my favorite. Jamie Foxx is an ass though. Latoya Luckkett had a nasty disposition with a look like she is better than everyone else. I’ve been in close proximity to Rhianna but I never “met her”. Some say her attitude varies. Brandon T. Jackson is down to Earth (and some other things 😋).

    I’ve heard Nikki has a nasty attitude..Not to sure but it wouldn’t surprise me if she does.
    (Speaking of which, I remember a while back their was a post about Bruno and Cardi’s Finess sonh and I made mention of how the media will eventually try to phase Nikki on out for Cardi…)

    Janet and Michael are were both pretty nice. Janet is chill..She can have a lil fire with her though but generally casually nwith her fans.

    Mark Wahlberg is an ass, Christian Bale is an even bigger asshole.

    No word on Beyonce. I hear her attitude varies and she doesn’t speak to “lower-leveled” staff and they can’t speak to her.

    Actually, though some may disagree, being a Diva/divo does not entitle you to being a bitch/asshole.

    Being a celebrity does not mean you’re a people person either. A lot of times when you see comments like Nikki shading gays or someone else saying something rude..That’s how they really feel but to keep up that image and income they have to pretend online. They have this over inflated ego and they slip up but I’m sure their managers steps in to $$$correct$$$ the situation.

    Have you ever liked someone and found out they had a nasty attitude or they thought something bad about you and then they suddenly become unattractive to you afterwards?

    1. ^yup!

      keri hilson.
      i loved her music but the moment i saw her giving an attitude to some folks i knew,
      it was a wrap for her music.
      she grew back on me recently,
      but i still can’t shake what i saw.
      other than that,
      i haven’t had any bad experiences with celebs.
      they tend to like me because i was always real distant with them.
      i don’t rush up to them like some rabid stan.
      i’ve literally stood next to celebs through folks i know and was talking to them like regular people.
      on the inside i was like “is this happening right now???????”,
      but i kept it chill lol

      1. Yeah some celebs are chill & some live”normal” lives. Some want a regular life, while there are others that expect you to “acknowledge” them.

        I like some celebs but I’m not a respector of them. I’d cuss Nicki or Beyonce out as quick as I would a “normal” person if they got testy with me back in my younger days..(Granted she’d hire someone to have me “handled” or “disappear”)….sometimes things like that happen…We’ll keep quiet about that topic though.

        Who was that one girl that went crazy Ariana Grande..(I think that’s how you spell it)…I heard she used to be a firecracker too.

        I’ve never been into Keri and I mean Ive never had the chance to listen to her music but if her attitude is/was as bad as you say then I dunno.

    2. Damn @Jammy lol

      You gotz the tea on these folks. But you’re right about Ms. Latoya Luckett. She had a very uppity, nasty funk to her when I met her years ago. I also had the surprise of meeting Jill Scott but she was very pleasant to me. I still remember her big beautiful smile when she realized I was blushing like a 13 yr old girl in her presence 😃

      As for Mama Baker, I’m shocked and disappointed by her behavior.

  7. Im going to go with China version of the events. I was at a party a couple of years ago that a well known radio host was attending and I point blank asked her about an incident that happens years prior with her and Anita Baker and she told me that was “One Crazy Ass Bitch” She told me if she would have not been on the radio and fearful of her job she would have cursed her all the way out. I have never heard anyone say anything nice about meeting her, but what took the cake for me was when Anita said Jill Scott was rude. I was like damn Jill must be from the Gates of Hell if Anita Baker thinks you are NASTY.

    I have met a few Z list celebs and for the most part they were really nice. One old co-worker was writing a book one time on gospel stars and she told me that of all the gospel stars she met that Shirley Ceasar was the worst, she was very rude, and my mouth fell to the floor, for some reason, I didnt think Gospel artist were nasty toward their fans especially someone as old as Shirley but this Lady was really nice. Not that she is really a celebrity but I met Lisa Raye at Roscoe Chicken in Waffle in Hollywood years ago and she was very sweet. Also Carmen Electra was very nice as was Jill Marie Jones.

    I realize that celebs are normal people and some days do not want to be bothered so many I have seen when I visit LA I do not approach but many have been very nice and gracious especially Rappers. I think Anita just likes to make music, the other things that go along with that is really not her cup of tea.

    1. Yo…don’t get it twisted!! As we’ve seen over the years, some of those Gospel stars are the biggest hypocrites. Sing and preach the word of God, but act under the direction of the Devil. Lol

    2. I’ve heard that about Shirley from a few people in the gospel industry including a legend himself. Smh

  8. Child Ya’ll late to the party!! Miki Howard the singer from back in the day did a interview with Wendy Williams when she was on the radio and talked about the time she won a Soul Train Award over Anita Baker. She said Miss Anita came backstage walked up to her and hugged her and whispered in her ear “Put it on you mantle, keep the dust off of it cause believe me baby that is the only award you will ever get!!!” Then walked away like nothing ever happened. She been a true Fire Breathing Diva for years. Still like her music though. Can’t take that away from her. Here is the receipt if ya’ll think I am lying. Part 1 if you don’t know who she is Part 2 Anita Baker Talk 5:55

  9. Apparently Anita has been rude and mean since Jesus was a child based on the dozens and dozens of stories I’ve read about her over the years.

    I’m trying to figure out why she types like that too.Hell Trump’s tweets make sense in comparison to hers.I love her music but I would never try to speak to her.

    1. I have met Anita and Nicki a few years back, and both were nice to me. Although, Anita was in a rush at the time, she was still nice and Nicki even took a picture with me around 2011. Also, I got to see here again around 2013 or 2014 at a concert and it was nice, although I did not get a personal interaction like the first. All, I can go off of is how they treated me, but Anita has been through a lot with that previous husband of hers and lost a lot, as well.

  10. Nicki minaj is a horrible person along with her lying rapist brother! Catch that heffa with her hair out looking like buck wheat and that bitch is basic and treats her assistant like shit, cursing them out.

  11. I read that Ms Anita is actually bipolar. Not sure if that has anything to do with her attitude. She’s really talented, I absolutely love her song “Just Because”!

  12. Since we are dragging… do you think Nia LOng gets shady with the fans… or is it just on the movie or tv sets… I thought she was excellent in Roxanne Roxanne

  13. I’ve heard stories as well. I’ve met a few celebs over the years. Didn’t have any horror stories. Former NY Knick player Anthony Mason tried to hit on my ex-girlfriend’s best friend and when she turned him down he got nasty with us. LOL

  14. I can attest that Keri Hilson is not nice at all. Meet her at a dermatologist office here in LA. It was just her and myself in the waiting room. I told her that I liked her latest single that had just came out and she ignored me and kept reading her magazine. I shrugged it off. I have noticed that really well know A-Listers are usually more pleasant than celebs who aren’t as universally big. Weird.

  15. Yup… Ms. Baker did a music festival here in Bermuda some time back. Bermuda has friendly people. She was pretty curt with her assigned Taxi driver. He just said “Good Evening”… To which she replied “They said I didn’t have to talk to anyone.”

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