I Love Being A Gold Digga

7i know you read that title and gasped.
it’s okay.
you will love being a gold digga too…

so i’m fuckin’ tired of this.
all this.
feeling like i’m not worth it.
for a long time,
i believed i was just going where the wind blew me.
trying to be humble while everyone around me OD bragged about their lives.
i have gone through a lot,
lost people i loved,
was so broke last year it was pathetic.
I haven’t given myself credit for surviving by myself for this long.
why have i not realized that?
well i have second guessed myself long enough.
this is what the “gold digga” era is all about.
it’s about letting god,
the universe,
or whatever you believe in be your ultimate sugar daddy.
when i pray,
i ask my god to assist me with something.
he provides me with what i needed help with and better.
so now its time for a well deserved pampering.
“ask and you shall receive”,
well we have to believe we are worth it to actually achieve it.
see a true gold digga believes they are worth every penny being spent on them.
they don’t settle for less.
they know they cum first and everyone else comes second.

that person you are a human blow up doll for
they all cum second in your life now.
well unless you have a cub.
YOU are first.
you will call anyone out for any disrespect or ill treatment.
you might even drop them and move on to someone else.
so this new era wouldn’t be complete without presents!
  take this:

tumblr_ml9cqb9AIk1s5jjtzo1_500imagine that gold bar as your worth.
would you give that to just anyone?
if someone asked you right now to borrow it,
would you just hand it over?
what if someone just tried to punk you for it?
would you let them take it?
or would you chop their fuckin’ arm off?
well thats how this new era will go.
no disrespect.
no excuses.
imagine you are like a piece of precious gold.
it gets no better than you.
when you come into someone’s life,
they will feel like they got the key to fort knox.
it’s time to shine.
now it won’t be easy.
you will mistakes.
i will definitely make mistakes.
thats perfectly okay.
as long as you realize:

Pure gold put in the fire comes out of it proved pure;
genuine faith put through this suffering comes out proved genuine.
1 Peter 1:7

are you ready to be the ultimate gold digga?
i am.

giphylet’s get it foxhole.

gold lip courtesy: gaks designs

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “I Love Being A Gold Digga”

  1. I really love your message of knowing your worth! I will start to practice this in my own life. No excuses!

    1. ^see!
      this is what my site has always been about!
      knowing your worth and not settling for less.
      you deserve a great life of tremendous blessings.
      its the foxhole way.

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