I Like My Daddy Old and Wrinkled

tumblr_n3qgtqj3Nz1r4atx9o1_500so i have an issue.
well its not really an issue,
but more-so a mind frame.
one i haven’t been focusing on enough.
i’ll tell you what it is…

like a wolf,
it’s the one thing we all want and in this day and age,
sometimes have to settle for.
well they can settle.
i want it all.
i am not ashamed to say i want more money.
why would i be ashamed of that?
you should be ashamed of mouth herpes or a pimple before a big event.
some blacks act like money is a monster of some shit.
money always needs to be the motivation.
i am truly grateful for my job,
but i am definitely still in struggle mode to survive.
for all the drama i put up with there,
to be underpaid really bugs me.
this morning i saw that i was in between serious blessings.
i do have more bills than i anticipated tho.
how much fun is that?
these are the times i’m GLAD i have no cubs of my own.

i need more money.
i’ll be honest.
why lie?
i need to get into my mind that more money will come to me.
just like i want more wolves to cum in my direction,
i need to do the same with my main joints,
benji and andrew.

7245356282_e69f135eb3_z US_$20_twenty_dollar_billi often worry that if something ever happens to me,
like something serious,
who would rescue me?
as you know,
my parents are dead and i’m a lone fox in these streets.
god has blessed me this far,
but trouble doesn’t always set up like rain.
last night i woke up to terrible back pain.
i got my back messed up in a car accident that comes off and on.
what if it gets serious?
i have no health insurance and my savings are next to nothing.
these are definitely the important things i have to focus on.

tumblr_naxwjySQRj1rlafseo1_400 …a sexy driven wolf will tie everything together perfectly.

in a perfect world,
i would be making money off my talent and my job.
i can’t survive just off this job.
matter a fact,
i can’t depend on this job for having my back.
i need to be pulling in money from what i love.
celebrity gossip,
image and pr for wolves is what i love.
so how do i make that into a profession?
a true gold digga thinks about shit like this.
“what do i need to do to be okay?
being “okay”,
in my foxhole,
means i have my finances together.
tumblr_nau7h6m41U1sgz00fo1_500not who will fuck me off jack’d for a happy ending.
last i check,
i couldn’t pay my rent and bills in free nut.

its all about knowing your worth for the foxhole.
“the best life” needs to be the focus for fall.
your life might need an upgrade as well.
5 hours ago.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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