I’m Hungry

being home from the plantation today…
the air smells so much sweeter.
the sun was beaming through my window.
my blankets were scattered about around me.
it was like a whole scene.
like in the beginning when they introduce the character…
mi also had to be in work at 8am so i’m home alone.
i feel at peace.
like in the first time in a long time.
as i laid in my bed,
i couldn’t help but think about some issues in the forefront…
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FUCK 2014?

i said it.
“fuck 2014”.
well if we really want to be technical,
fuck 2012 and 2013 as well.
i’ve have had one trying year after another.
the bad definitely outweighed the good.
or did it?
i decided to look through my gratitude journal yesterday.
even though this year sucked ass,
and not in the way i hoped,
i did upgrade a few things…
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The Foxy Rules Of Getting A Sponsored Lifestyle

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81jdzS4sbq0]

“My sponsor he go and bu-bu-buy buy”…

I don’t give a damn, Teairra Mari makes good music.
I don’t see it for her as far as a career,
but I think she is pretty and has a good voice.
From what I was told,
she stays equipped with a Sponsor.

But, I honestly think T made that term Sponsor popular with that song.
Everyone is always talking about a Sponsor.
Shit, it seems like everyone I know who is on the playing field has one.
Everyone wants a sponsor.
Shit, I want 5 of them as I make my own cake.
I always believed once you realize your worth,
a better kind of person will cum around.
You will NOT settle for “whatever” slangs a dick/ass your way.
Don’t make me have to slap you.

So I gotta ask…

Do you need your life sponsored?

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