The Foxy Rules Of Getting A Sponsored Lifestyle


“My sponsor he go and bu-bu-buy buy”…

I don’t give a damn, Teairra Mari makes good music.
I don’t see it for her as far as a career,
but I think she is pretty and has a good voice.
From what I was told,
she stays equipped with a Sponsor.

But, I honestly think T made that term Sponsor popular with that song.
Everyone is always talking about a Sponsor.
Shit, it seems like everyone I know who is on the playing field has one.
Everyone wants a sponsor.
Shit, I want 5 of them as I make my own cake.
I always believed once you realize your worth,
a better kind of person will cum around.
You will NOT settle for “whatever” slangs a dick/ass your way.
Don’t make me have to slap you.

So I gotta ask…

Do you need your life sponsored?

Getting a Sponsor can be an “under the table” term for an escort.
With some sponsors out here, you don’t even have to fuck/suck.

however way you do happen to achieve a Sponsor,
you need to work on his (or her) ass FAST.
Many sponsors you acquire over the years can and will last a long time.
Some of the best Sponsors are older men/women who are lonely,
they see that you are striving for something and want to invest in you,
or they think you are cute and want to make your stand out.

These young Baller Wolves can be tricky.
They usually drop money on you because of how you look,
or how good the throat was.
I know of a Baller Wolf (who plays for a team in NY) I have mentioned on here,
who has been breaking off a Fox with a whole lifestyle.
I do not know the logistics of how they met,
but the Fox is living in a condo (paid) and going to school (paid).

Now I know you are wondering, “HOW DO I GET THIS SPONSORED LIFE?!?!?

First and foremost,
you have to be the type that people will give you money/buy you things with no hesitation.
That means you do not beg for anything.

Man or woman,

they will pay for whatever and usually, you didn’t even ask.


Some people do not know the power they hold.
Sadly, they just get a dinner or some rinky-dink movie ticket.
Key in sponsored life: ALWAYS BE A NICE PERSON.
(i’ll touch on that later)

You cannot have the look of someone who is messy.
If you are talking shit about people,
loud and bragging,
or simply a typical club hopper homo,
you are on a one way ticket to BLACKLIST-VILLE.
You COULD get money,
but notice how those types have to hop from Baller to Baller.
Sooner or later, that well runs dry because of the tarnished reputation.

have a purpose or a goal.
Do something with your life that allows you to upgrade yourself.
Don’t get a Sponsor and expect to buy Loubie Loafers and LV coin purses.
You getting enough money for your own spot,
yet you are still sucking on Mommy’s tit.
You need to be making the money work for you,
even if you are living home and stashing.
Yeah, it is cute to put a picture of a LV man bag on Instagram to get 75 likes.
Corny new money shit.
Let’s push the limit….

How about you get your sponsor to pay your bills?
How about you get them to pay your rent?
Or, even pay off your student loans?

Think big!
I’m not saying don’t look cute (sponsors like to know you keep yourself up),
but put your main priorities first.

Usually CUTE is getting sponsored too.
Don’t expect a model looking nigga to pay for your shit.
If he is smart, he is on his hustle too.

I know this Wolf in the industry who has been trying to scope me.
Every time we see each other, we are eye fucking.
He looks at me like he wants to get in my drawz right that instant.
I know he gets down due to word of mouth,
but he has no job and has 2 kids.
How is he making money?
He is playing “model” and has done “some” work,
but models do not get paid that much money, especially black ones.
Last I saw,
he had some Fox buying him drinks from the bar.
I will probably be that Fox if I cuffed him.

when you are looking for a Baller Wolf/Fox/Hybrid,
always get on GOOGLE,
put his NAME,
the word “SALARY“,
and press “ENTER“.

think about his agent fees,
lawyer fees,
publicist fees,
travel expenses,
child support,
family support,
other jump offs,
and then ask yourself how do you fit into that equation?

Football players do not make a lot of money and it isn’t guaranteed.
Let’s pray he has endorsements.
Basketball, baseball, soccer, and hockey players get upfront money and they make a lot more bread.
Unless he is Jay or Kanye level, a rapper or singer is not making that much money.
Usually they are looking for sponsors themselves.
Lawyers, investment bankers, and other high-profile jobs are usually GREAT candidates,
since their career doesn’t require them to floss and garner more attention.

(this is where you can push him to see his purpose and get him to make more money)

never be a bitch.
It pays to be a nice person and actually talk to your sponsor.
Take time to invest in his life and give a shit about him.
Make a solid connection so he is always in your life and can be a friend (or lover).
Never be on some ol:


That is totally UN-acceptable.
That is the first sign when someone starts getting spoiled.
Sooner or later, he will realize he doesn’t need your bitch ass and put you right on punishment.
Punishment being cut off and in time out… forever.

I always thought these 2 songs gave me GREAT advice:


(Bitches: Jackal and Hyenas
Sisters: Fox)

As much as I love a good R&B record,
I keep a good Hip hop record spinning.
They are always about that money and lifestyle.

If you are around someone who has money/position and they aren’t trying to upgrade you,
All they doing is enjoying your company and fucking you.

In the “Lifestyle of a Fox/Wolf/or Hybrid”,
we have no time for false promises and corny niggas.
Just because they have money,
don’t mean they will sponsor you.
If they aren’t bringing ANYTHING into their life,
yet you are,
then they have to go… PERIOD.

… and do not allow yourself to be treated like shit or abused, either.
That is the biggest NO, NO, and HELL NO of them all.
Train your Sponsor from the time you meet them and things should always work in your favor.

Now go out there and do me proud boys.
Let’s go and get this money.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “The Foxy Rules Of Getting A Sponsored Lifestyle”

  1. I don’t want a sponsor, nope. Let me explain why though. I don’t want nobody to have authority over me, I hate that, especially when it involves money and material objects. Ok, lets say I was with a baller or singer fox and I said something wrong, I’m going to be threatned, and if I keep running my mouth, I will be kicked to the curb for someone who keeps quiet and tolerates bullshit. I may lust after some of these ballers and singers, and rappers, but I know they are not going to treat me right, so it’s no point. Material objects aren’t worth nothing if you aren’t happy. I explain this to people all the time.

    1. If I may ill say MY 2 cents on this. I don’t think they’ll treat you wrong only IF you decide to be treated wrong. How do you decide that? If YOU feel because he gives you $5000 TRANSLATES into you becoming his puppy, then THATS how YOU feel, unless they SAY that to you. Do you not see dudes spendin wad on ASSHOLE chicks and they keep SPENDING wad on them? I think the key is LETTING them know (as jamari says : “TRAIN them” ) that they are wanted NOT needed. When YOU establish yourself as an INDEPENDENT figure then you WILL get your respect, of course you can’t be disrespectful, neither should you be ANYBODY’s moron… again this is MY 2 cents before i get hounded for putting MY thoughts down.

      1. I agree with you on that. When you act like you don’t need them, they will do more to please you because they know what’s up. It’s a complicated situation to begin with though. I wouldn’t recommend anyone finding a sponsor, unless they’re into that stuff.

        Nobody is going to hound you if you keep cool Davon. Express yourself with out being arrogant and disrespectful, that’s all I want.

        S/N: Is that really you on that profile? Damn, that is not what I imagined you to look like. You are one of those dudes who is better seen then heard.

  2. Yes. About that fifth rule, I wont think you should be too nice either. No sponsor wants a puppet or drone, I’m sure they want you to make them feel like they are the ones dishing out the money and that you DON’T NEED them but want them. I like the part you said about if people are not doing anything positive in your life drop them. I am a STRONG beliver in that. I try to invest in people i know – as a friend, confidante, teacher, mentor etc. I am a giver and beleive life is about 2 way street. So, if ya ass aint dropping Dollar bills in my life or positive encouragement, aspiration, connections, etc.. You are a luggage and i don’t do luggages. This make me come off cold at times, even though this is life. I see people with about 1 million associates they call ‘friends” and when i see them in need i say why dont u ask X, Y, Z to help you out with little stuff like this or that and they say oh i dont know x like that or oh i dont think z will do that or oh i dont know i never asked y that. And im saying, you spend virtually your non sleeping life with x, y, z and you “dont” know if they’l help?! so why were you wasting your life with them?

    I love ACTION oriented men. Men who talk ad back that talk up 10000000% now THAT to me, is a REAL man, not a gym rat or a boy with 6 million tattoos, talks like a drop out or has an elephant dick. A BOSS is a real man, not these acts , i pull those acts everyday and some plus I back my shit up. Gimme a shawty or a dude that spends dollar bills like it’s Green Xmas and im goooood

  3. Jamari with this type of knowledge you should NEVER be broke…..EVER! You need to put together a manuel or e-book and make money! We should talk!

    1. There is a book already out with these principles called the Art of Seduction by Robert Greene–same guy who did the 48 Laws of Power and the 50th Law with Fiddy Cent.

      It was a big word jamboree, but Jamari could easily do an updated version.

      I never understood the fascination of wanting to be long term with a singer/actor/athlete when they mostly have temporary money, someone else is paying them and most are broker than a joke within two years of their retirements.

      Producers, team owners, lawyers, doctors, all those who have to file a Schedule C on their taxes, are pretty good bets for sponsorship. But be prepared to do a lot strange things for that change. This is a business transaction, not a relationship.

      1. Davon said it all…thanks for the info Ice! Jamari is so intelligent in so many ways…he could make money doing nothing!

        Cosign on dating ballers etc.

  4. Never really knew no dudes who were sponsored on any type of real level other than a rent or car payment here and there and usually he was super cute and the sponsor looked like cookie monster. Now females are a different story. I know 2 females who I will call A & B. Chick A lived the life and had a baby by a pro-baller, went to all the hot parties, shop the mall out, but when it stopped, I tell you it stopped and I have had to be a life saver on so many ocasions, when her baller ex cut her off. It has been many times, I wanted to put his ass on blast but thats not my place. Chick B who I met through Chick A, is a younger version. She was smart. She had no kids and this dude is not a baller but he works for one of the most well known famous black companies in the US due to being related to this well known family. Well Chick B, had a famous pro-baller after her, and she milked him for all it was worth while she was in college until she met the new dude, who continued to sponsor her until he finally put a ring on it. Now both chicks are beautiful, so I think that helps. Chick B, has gotten a Doctorate degree out of the deal, so she was not only beautiful but smart as well. If the sponsorship dries up, she is not worried. Now Chick A is older and has turned away from any dudes who sponsor, but she is still good for old sugar daddies when we go out buying us both drinks(lol). Chick A says that life comes with a high price, and you have to be willing to play the game. Even Chick B, says that she puts up with a lot because the money and perks are good, but she did win in the end because the dude wife her because the pro-baller from her college days who is now retired came back into the picture after her. I hope aint I talking too much and no one figures out who I am talking about (LOL).

  5. I dont knock anyone who has a sponsor, but its not for me. People tend to become complacent in that situation over time. A wise person once told me “you never give someone enough control over you that you end up down and out because of them”.

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