f0xmail: I Only Know The Inside of His Buttcheeks. Boyfriend Material?

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Hey Jamari, Ok so let me get right into it.
I got a phone call last night from my Wolf friend (26) about his relationship with a Fox (30) that he was been with for the past two months. He called me after he got done having sex with his fox and was going on and on about how good the sex was and how he ate him out and banged him for an hour straight from every position (No lie, the shit he was telling me in detail kinda turned me on seeing that I’m celibate at the moment… *sighs*). But that’s not the reason he called me. So as usual we do our usual talk relationships and some of the issues that they are dealing with and I started to notice that the more we talked about their relationship and it’s issues the only thing they really had in common is sex.

Now I’m not the one to try to convince people that what they do is right and wrong because every relationship is different but I blatantly asked him  “What are 5 things that are positive that you like about him?” First thing he said out his mouth was “I like how he look when he naked and how he suck my dick”. I started laughing like naw nigga I mean what personality traits does he have that you like. I swear when I asked him that question the phone got silent to the point to where you could hear a pin drop. He then started listing some traits that he liked about him say that he can be sweet, considerate, and caring. I said ok, those are good traits to have but why does it seem like every time me and you are on the phone you are in a pissy mood saying that this nigga stresses you out because of his constant complaining and blaming you for issues in your relationship. He has said more than once that this relationship makes him feel drained but that the sex is so good tho that it is hard to let go.

We have had this conversation about them needing to sit down and talk about their issues man to man instead of pushing them under the rug for the past two months and nothing ever seems to change. It always ends up being “We will talk about it later after I get finished fucking him to sleep.”

Something that really shocked me about our talk last night was the fact that he said that he doesn’t know if he is truly happy and at times feels that the fox’s attitude is pushing him away. He said that he really likes this guy but at the same time wishes that he could just enjoy his freedom and not feel obligated to have to answer to someone all the time who is going to bitch and complain 24/7. I’m not going to go into much detail about what the arguments have been about but 9/10 they are pointless and unnecessary.

I don’t want to tell my friend that he should end things because you never know if they are telling the full side of the story and I don’t want to be the blame for anything if they do decide to end things but I’m starting to become drained by the constant talks of them fussing and arguing.  My issue is that if you call me damn near everyday about problems in your relationship, why can’t you talk to your boyfriend about your problems and what steps are you taking forward to fix them. The whole relationship just seems toxic but at the same time that doesn’t mean that the problems aren’t fixable.

So my question(s) are:

1)      Do you think the reason why so many gay relationships fail is because we have no healthy standard or examples of what a gay relationship should be like?
2)      Is good sex enough to keep a relationship going that has problems?
3)      At what point is enough, enough?


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The Foxy Rules Of Getting A Sponsored Lifestyle

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81jdzS4sbq0]

“My sponsor he go and bu-bu-buy buy”…

I don’t give a damn, Teairra Mari makes good music.
I don’t see it for her as far as a career,
but I think she is pretty and has a good voice.
From what I was told,
she stays equipped with a Sponsor.

But, I honestly think T made that term Sponsor popular with that song.
Everyone is always talking about a Sponsor.
Shit, it seems like everyone I know who is on the playing field has one.
Everyone wants a sponsor.
Shit, I want 5 of them as I make my own cake.
I always believed once you realize your worth,
a better kind of person will cum around.
You will NOT settle for “whatever” slangs a dick/ass your way.
Don’t make me have to slap you.

So I gotta ask…

Do you need your life sponsored?

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