What The F*ck Is Going On With Katy Perry?

holy “britney” breakdowns!
what’s going on??
when i think of katy perry,
i think of long black hair and big boobs.
i also think of a children’s birthday cake.
on top…

…it’s a whipped tasty goodness with colorful treats/props at the top.
that’s her whole music/image to me.
using colorful spectacles to present “tongue in cheek” music.
i thought this new era would be  sugary teen pop,
but it would be a disguise for potential “woke” underneath.

Obviously all of Katheryn’s team has left her

none of the songs she has released has stuck,
so many have called her out on her alleged bts bad behavior,
that ugly haircut is doing nothing for her,
and then she decided to set up a 24 hour live feed.

…where she is doing the most random shit.
right now,
the feed is about suicide.
at one point,
i was confused to see deray mckesson sitting there talking to her:

i don’t understand what’s happening.
i think this is supposed to be therapy sessions or something…


i think she is showing how disturbed she actually might be.
as a celeb,
the art of mystery is very important.
no one is gonna sit there and watch her sleeping.
i miss the “teenage dream” katy.
maybe she is trying to break away from that?

low self esteem,
crazy af,
shade thrower,
or confused as i don’t know what…

What is Katy Perry trying to go for this era?

lowkey: nicki and her have something in common.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “What The F*ck Is Going On With Katy Perry?”

  1. I just tuned in to the live feed and I see Caitlyn Jenner is at the table. I’m over it already lol

  2. I’ll start off by saying: I was never a fan of Katy’s music, or her particularly as a person (or who I thought she was). In saying that, I somewhat disagree. It’s rare to see celebrities be “real” and authentic with everybody and most importantly, themselves. Celebrities are either sharing the wrong thing, or live rigidly (like Beyonce) to continuously play the balancing act of being “mysterious” while still showing something. While I personally, would take the Beyonce approach (and there’s nothing wrong with being private, or wanting privacy), I’m glad Katy or Katheryn is using her platform to be raw, and try to do something good. Inadvertantly, I believe she is casting a light on mental health issues, and the cover up. She is also showing the world that celebrities are real people, and many times, have real problems, just like anyone else.

    This made me look at her with a little bit of integrity, which is more than I can say for the same people who all we know about them is IG filters and glitz and glam. I think what she did was a good thing, IDK if it was a smart move to publicize this, but it does show the world who she really might be and that there is more to her than JUST “Katy Perry”. Sometimes, we, as consumers, forget that.

    1. Why should she be pressured into being mysterious if that’s not who she wants to be;not her authentic self? Sometimes, there’s just more to life than that, if she can handle that this might hurt her numbers, than I see this as a way for her to just let go and be in control of her celebrity/identity dichotomy rather than having it control her.

      BTW: her haircut isn’t that bad tbh, and no, I’m still not interested in checking out her music. Not a knock to her at all, just not my style.

  3. I think she is having identity issues. She doesn’t know who or what she wants to be or be seen as. It’s weird how she jokingly referenced Britney about her mental breakdown, and she’s seemingly going through one as well. This new album is horrible and it’s not due to the fact that it’s too slow, she just over complicated trying to express what she is going through in her life at this moment. She simply needs to take a breather because I do like her and her music.

  4. .She is definitely going through something. I listened to the whole album and there’s a disconnect.

    I often wonder how she went from being a Christian artist to who she is now and how she reconciles the two. This album and her overall presentation as of late definitely isn’t the fun, sexy Katy Perry we’re used to.

    Furthermore, all her looks are things that have already been done by Madonna, David Bowie, Boy George, and redone by Lady Gaga. Katy has a very narrow lane between contemporaries like Gaga and Taylor Swift and if she swerves, her standing could go the way of Britney and Lady Gaga.

    1. ^i watched a little of her live stream.

      i get it now,
      but i think she is being too “deep” with her audience.
      she usually did her deepness with her bubble gum/candy coated props.
      she is trying to shed that and be a full blown alanis morrisette.

      this is why i was confused af.

  5. In all honesty, I have never understood the hype about her. As of late, these white people have been losing their minds, and they seem to go through a similar phase.

  6. this reminds me of when stephon marbury did that live stream.
    now that was interesting.
    that was him in his natural element.
    this seems contrived.

  7. It may be who she really is. Many of these celebs are groomed early on by record labels to become certain types of artists depending on their look and etc. Maybe this is her maturing. Development in life in regards to our personality is never smooth unfortunately

    1. ^i think this is a “apology” something or the other.

      the fact she has been called out for calling a black producer a “pineapple”,
      she claimed she wasn’t a feminist and now she is,
      and moving like a snow bunny who got called out.

      i like her music,
      but she i’m not sold on what she is doing.
      it doesn’t seem well thought out.

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