Rode Hard and Hung Up Wet.

wow.well chris.
i hope acting a jackal in the streets was worth it.

lowkey: everyone feels sorry for him.
why is this?

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Rode Hard and Hung Up Wet.”

  1. Is that a recent pic? I smell him through my screen. Y’all know he looks stinkin lol. He be aight lol.

      1. He is scared out of his mind lol. All he has to do is change and he will never be there again.

  2. He literally had the opportunity to become the next MJ style superstar. He was on the cusp of it. He has no one to blame but himself for this. Where are the “friends” who were always by his side now? Moving on to leech off the next friend who gets famous. So sad to watch people with talent self-destruct like this.

    1. ^it really is.
      everything that has happened is his fault.
      people kept laying traps and he fell right into it.
      head first.
      eyes open.
      all kinds of warnings.
      watch they groom justin bieber into what chris was suppose to be.

  3. What about his album? Y’all forgot about that. It is supposed to be released this Monday I believe.

  4. quote- he getting that full blown negro wake up call. – end quote

    That’s hard for a lot of light-skin men to accept.

  5. Chis Brown is an extremely talented young man. Let’s hope that his time jailed is a wake-up call for him and that he sees the errors of his ways and walks the straight and narrow when he gets released from custody. Perhaps he’ll even act in an exemplary manner and work to help those who are or might be on the wrong path. I can only hope.

  6. Let’s just hope he can get the right people around him upon his release. I hope that he can clean up his act and find some positive way to turn this around. I know that he has done some pretty messed up things but I love a good come back story.

  7. Damn he looks so old and worn out and he is only 25. He needs a serious life changing DETOX from friends, family, drugs, bad foods, the whole nine. Chris dont go out like this. I cant believe this is the same person I saw a couple of years ago at the BET awards, he was so clean cut and fresh face in those days with the whole world in front of him. Just say no to drugs, homeboys, ratchet pussy, and trouble.

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