(Yasss Bish) Yasss?

so nicki minaj and soulja boy have a new ratchet song called,
and get this,
“yasss bish”.
soulja boy being the one styling on that “yass bish yass” on the hook.
uh huh well…

abcd…well on the positive,
i do like the new “nicki minaj” as ive said before.
she going back to her old days,
sans rapping biggie tracks,
and i can’t say how thankful i am.
sounds like nicki wants to get ahold of the ratchet gays so she can sell this album.
so queen lingo is only cool when the straights get a hold of it?

lowkey: did nicki set up soulja boy with this hook tho?

6 thoughts on “(Yasss Bish) Yasss?

  1. it sounds like that yass bitch yass came from somewhere deep from his love walls. LOL

    1. It did lol. He ain’t foolin nobody.


      They are looking up, but my attention is on the bubble. I know what he really wants us to see. We see it lol


      Is he really trying to front like he’s showin off the zippers? I can hardly see the zippers cause I’m distracted.

  2. Soulja boy needs to eat. All that money and he still ain’t got no meat on them bones. All that time he had off between not making hits, he should’ve been in the gym.

  3. I have literally heard it all. Everyone should know by now that Soulja boy is a fraud. His image is fake. Who he portrays himself to be is NOT who he is.

    I have read and heard that he has been around the industry a little for a come up. He was turned out years ago and most people know this. He’s cute tho, but he’s been around too much for me.

      1. Don’t sleep on him tho. As a Wolf, I think Soulja is sexy, and I must say, he looks like his ass might be good.

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