Derrick Gordon’s X Girlfriend Has A Sub Tweet To Tell

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 9.52.46 PMso i don’t know if you all remember derrick gordon.
he was the pre baller wolf from umass who came out the closet a month or two ago.
well before he decided came out,
he was allegedly dating a snow bunny named stephanie.
well stephanie is a little… mad.
how i know?
well judging from her alleged twitter wall the f-bi found…


i had a feeling there was a lot more to this story.
everyone is saying she is bitter.
she seems hurt to me.
there are two sides to every story tho.
i’m starting to think all these d/l wolves get with snow bunnies as a cover.
maybe they’re easier to manipulate.
i dunno.
i guess this means derrick will probably end up with a snow fox in his near future?
oh and stephanie…
you can cum in my foxhole and tell your story miss lady.
i will set out the fine china just for you!
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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

40 thoughts on “Derrick Gordon’s X Girlfriend Has A Sub Tweet To Tell”

  1. A lot of these dudes do in fact use white women as a cover. Black women have very strict, narrow standards of how a straight man should carry themselves and if you deviate from that at all their spidey senses are tingling. Once they start having doubts you’re DONE!

    Black women notice everything from a mild switch while you’re walking to how you react in certain situations or if you don’t react at all. Hell, if you’re attractive and not messing with a whole bunch of women, black women will suspect you’re gay.

    White women are much more open to alternative ways men can carry themselves. You damn near have to be caught in the act with another man for them to believe you’re gay. Country white girls are an exception though because they also have strict standards for men.

    I see suspect black men with white and Asian women all the time and I think that explains why some black men only date outside of their race. These Asians and white women are so whipped by their big black cocks they don’t stop and think about where else these dudes are putting it.

    1. ^LOVVVEEEDDDD this breakdown jay,
      you got me thinking about someone now.
      this makes a lot of sense and i can’t wait to talk about something soon.
      well someone…

    2. I thought I was going to have to write a paragraph lol. You are so right.

      This woman is hurt, and before people sit back and judge her, I want them to put themselves in her shoes. How would you feel if something like this happened to you? Say if a man pretends to be gay just to get your money, and you later find out he is straight and has a girlfriend. That would mess up your mind.

      I may be discreet, but I will never be a downlow man.

  2. A half Black gay dude told me that White people are easier to lie to. He also said they’re easier to fool.

    I try to tell people that that is one of the reasons why Black dudes get with White women. I always hate when they say “Black men find White women more attractive.” How is that, 98% of the time she’s a mediocre fug mug. Heidi Klum is a rare case. Black men ain’t pulling Heidi’s, they’re pulling Honey Boo Boo’s.

    Anyways, why is she so damn tan. I thought it was a Black chick at first.

    1. ^yeah that tan is super disrespectful to her life.
      zen you also left a great comment as well.
      i’m in some thought after this.
      i think god lead me to to write this.

    2. Exactly!

      These black dudes are not bagging top notch snow bunnies like Scarlett Johanson and Blake Lively.

      They are getting average to below average white chicks that are easily manipulated by the dick.

      I’ve yet to see a black man with a white chick and think to myself “Ok, she’s a bad white girl”.


      1. ^he still can fuck this white girl even tho he is thinking about dick/ass???
        or does she believe his excuses and take it as “oh its okay honey?”.
        hell a lot of the snow bunnies at my job love me.
        if i ever needed a cover…

  3. Plus this dude looks suspect!

    Just because he plays sports doesn’t change anything.

    If I saw him on the street I’d think he was at least bi.

    1. I was telling OMG007 the other day he looks like the typical ATL power bottom to me.

      A mohawk dyed brown? Come on now!

      I wouldn’t have been thrown off by the fact he has tattoos and plays basketball at all and I bet if you ask some of the black women on that college campus they’d tell you the same.

  4. Jamari, some men can fuck anything with the right motivation. I don’t even have to tell you that.

    Athletes typically have a high sex drive anyway. Hell, now that I work out I get hard 5-6 times a day for no reason at all.

    He probably gave her half ass dickdowns, ate her for his life, and still had enough energy to mess with other dudes as well.

  5. lmfao even though i love them to death BLACK woman are just as naive, if not more, in regards to the gay lifetyle..they look for stereotypes and half these thugs they date are screaming gay but thesy’re so blinded by a good stroke, hyper masculine personalities or tats they miss it…yeah they’re observing but of stereotypical behavior….i know so many black women that ask me questions on how to tell if a man is gay and some of the answers they come up with makes me feel like i’m back in the 70’s or 80;s…in regards to white woman it depends on two things…how they were raised and where they live…white woman in urban environments tends to be sharper, white woman in rural environments tend to tolerate more from my observations

    i just feel media insinuates that white woman are doormates and black women are strong, no nonsense taking creatures, when in reality black woman tolerate more bullshit then any other being on earth, especially in regards to black men…they even have a name for it now, the superwoman syndrome in regards to the levels o f stress black women tolerate..

    i feel for her because i do feel cowardly to date someone of the opposite gender in hopes of covering your sexuality or just to see if it’s a phase or not….i was just talking to my cousin about this earlier when she asked me had i ever dated a girl and i told her no because i knew early on i wasnt sexually attracted to them……i hope she gets the closure she needs

  6. How she didn’t at least think about it? But then again who knows? I mean women think things, but they don’t always say something.

    1. She didn’t know! And plus, he transferred to UMass. I think she found out just like the rest of us.

  7. my take is that she’s not looking for closure. the world does not need to know that she was a part of his past. if she was in need of closure why not just give him a call and set up a time where they can sit and talk? no, that’s too much like right. we’re living in the age of venting all of our personal frustrations on social media. does she not realize that employers troll social media to get a glimpse into how potential or current employees manage their lives? I just can say anything positive coming out of this. I think the reactions from people will just fuel her anger and hurt and cause her to act out further. none of this shit is going to change the fact that she was with a gay man.

    my unsolicited advise to her is to find other ways to deal with this….in private. she needs to know that she is young and can definitely bounce back from this. since she is college age or slightly older, she has plenty of time to find “the one.” some women go to college and get a BS and a MRS, but not all….some get the MRS after more life experiences.

    1. Stephanie Mangold✨ ‏@jerseybaby92 May 1
      I think I finally got the closure I was looking for…

  8. This is very interesting. I have always heard and seen it on a few occasion that White women are the gateway to homosexuality for many Black men. Its just coming out more and more. For one thing most white women are easy like Sunday morning and they get caught up when you pay them some attention unlike many sista’s who can spot B.S a mile away. I have found that many white girls who date Black men have very low self esteem and poor images of themselves, they are freer and way more gullible. Me and one of my friends joke about getting us white women all the time to be beards for certain events because they are so open and flirtatious and don’t ask many questions.

    I have a real good friend of mine who use to be married to a white woman and he told me that he knew he like men since he was 16 years old, but he came from a super religious family, so he went into the military, married and had children, to please his family instead of himself. He said he was tired of living a lie and told his wife the truth. He told me that she went ballistic and she has never forgiven him to this day and has been a real Bitch whenever he sees her. So at the end of the day, White women may be more gullible but they are still women and they still don’t like the idea of being with a gay man. His partner had a Black wife and she is the exact same way as his ex-wife, both have children and both ex-wives make their life a living hell with child support and visitation of their children. No woman wants to think that she gave her all in a relationship only to find out that she was with a gay man. These dudes are cowards because they know when they are dealing with and marrying these women they are attracted to men if not outright gay, of course they always say, I didn’t know, and that’s pure Bull.

    1. It is a myth that black women are less gullible.It is a myth that white women put up with more BS from Black men.How many Black women do you know who share a man? If he has two kids who are the same age than they are sharing a man.It is a myth that Black women are these Strong Superwomen.Black women get cheated on, get physically abused, get raped, get fooled by DL men just as much as white women.Black women have poor self because of their hair, skin color or because they never had a father in the home, etc.
      My point is don’t generalize because every thing that applies to white women also applies to Black women.

      As for DL guys Black women are just as clueless as White women when it comes to spotting them.So don’t get it twisted.I know because I dated a DL guy and I was clueless he eventually came out to me.

    2. My heart bleeds for her. What gets me, his family knew about his sexuality and didn’t tell her. Talk about BETRAYED!!!!

  9. Lol white girls put up with more. Broke? Ain’t got a job? Ain’t doin shit? Cheater? They don’t care. As long as they get to say they’ve had some black dick.

    1. Really? Because I can think of a dozen Black woman in my family who have dated broke men, ex cons, men with multiple baby mamas.Black woman who will do whatever it takes keep that BBC.I also can think of a few male cousins who have dated men with no jobs, ex cons, etc. because of the BBC 🙂

      1. lol EXACTLY Y i know plenty of beautiful, strong, independent black women who are worth worthless men, and i know the BBC plays a role….

  10. Just like he has the right to discuss his sexuality she can discuss her disappointment. So whoever said that she just stay private well he could have kept his sexuality private as well but he chose to be open with it which is a beautiful thing so she can discuss how she feels as well.

    Bottom line… The whole DL thing is cowardly and there is a difference between “Discreet” & “DL”

  11. I’m not buying this Black women can detect DL/Bi men any better than White women meme. At the end of the day Black women get infected with HIV at a lot higher rates than White woman. That means they are sleeping with more BI/Gay men than White woman.

    1. …Or that they are having more unprotected sex with men, which would account for the higher birth rates.

      You do know that HIV isn’t just a gay/bi thing? Plenty of drug addicts (gay and straight) who also happen to be prostitutes contract HIV and spread it as well.

  12. No one’s saying black women don’t fall for okie doke. They are just more hyper vigilant about behaviors normally associated with gay or downlow men. Of course the men that don’t fit the gay stereotypes and can still beat the pussy up will slip through the cracks.

    All I’m saying is that men black women may find suspect usually date white women who don’t suspect them

  13. It kinda funny to me because he seem more into other black guys than white. But I could be wrong tho.

      1. ^a snow wolf?
        thank you denise.
        your responses have been helpful to this story.
        i do have a question…

        you said his family knew.
        he said he came out to them
        and then his team,
        and then the world.
        was this not the case?

        I have one more,
        but I’ll wait til that question is answered.

  14. Jamie,

    Yes, he confirmed his sexuality with his family. His father didn’t know, but his mother did. She just didn’t want it to be TRUE. And his older brother wasn’t for sure. His twin, well, that is another story. This girl befriended his family, and they don’t have any answers for her. As far as his teammates, they kinda figured that one out last Spring, but they didn’t have confirmation until he spoke up about it. Stephanie found out just like the rest of us. SHAME! I can understand her pain, and yes, she’s VERY hurt. Everyone is so focus on his coming out that they haven’t really thought about her at all. Like you mentioned earlier in one of your post….”there are two sides to every story” and Stephanie story hasn’t been told. She feels like her life is in a movie right now. Do I think he owe her an apology? Of course. Will he ever apologize to her? I don’t know, but I hope he will and SOON. All the boasting that he is doing is not good. But at the same time, he feels bad about the way he treated her.

    “I used her to hide my sexual orientation,” he said.

    I just hope that she never walk around with her head hanging down, unless, she is looking for something. They will see each other again next basketball season. Moreover, New Jersey is there home state.

    Go ahead…ask away. And if I know, I will answer. If I don’t, I will find out for you.

    BTW, you are welcome.

  15. I’m guessing he never did it facing her at least not at the same level face to face. She’s likely mad cause someone tried to out him and she keep taking his deposits.

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