Sausage and Fish Sammiches (Kinsey Scale)

2000px-Kinsey_Scale.svgso they say a majority of people are “bi”.
i feel some wolves would try it for the right person.
a fat ass seems to have no gender these days.
sometimes an aura or femininity is all it takes.
well i feel vixens are more honest about their sexualities.
men will take their secrets to the grave.
since i’m up,
my cousin and i decided to take the kinsey scale test.
i wanted to see what i was and she was curious.

WOWso i’m…
kinda bi?

tumblr_inline_n2nlq8xAda1rt6qr4well i would enjoy watching my wolf smash a vixen.
hell i might join in if she bad,
but i’m more interested in his dack.
you know i’m a special kind of freak.
my cousin got a 3.
apparently we have a lot to talk about.
anyway where do you think you stand with your sexuality?
are you all the way in?
or do you fit somewhere in the middle?
people treat bisexuality in men like its a crime.
i say:

gif-sandbox-Megan-Fox-celebrities-1136364…then wonder why most of them are “dl”.
well you can take the test here:


if you are comfortable:


lowkey: i am so interested in what the dl wolves scores are.
no no no.
the attentionistos…
well we can just check their dms.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

38 thoughts on “Sausage and Fish Sammiches (Kinsey Scale)”

      1. Yeah, I’m really not that into intercourse at all. I’ve done it all before, but I’m not that interested now. Too much prep and pain to take dick and niggas get to hooked on my dick when I smash (plus I have a have a stank booty phobia), so I’ll stick to getting head and sometimes giving it. Dude gotta be cut though. Casual sex in the black gay community is very risky and not worth your health. Ugh! Especially in the ATL… I’m really ready to find Mr.Right and form a serious partnership

  1. I’m a 4! i thought I was a 5! LOL, Still think I’m a 5 tho, cuz I’m all about that man phatty, and big chest, yum, but that was interesting rofl.
    “More than Incidentally hetero..” LOL
    Vixens can be sexy to me too, just not the same!

  2. Ugh tests like that will never accurate for me because Im not sure I know how to be completely truthful lol.

    When you choose your answer based on how you think it will affect the score its a fail lol

    Or maybe I was honest and I just don’t want to accept the results lol

    Its just an internet test damn it! lol

      1. The same as Jamari’s. Lol

        Its wrong though, I know in my heart I’m a 1. My middle name is “Trade” hahahahahaha

      2. That was my score too lol. YAYY!!! Know you ain’t no damn 1 lol. You gonna like men til your eyes are closed lol.

    1. ^damn c!

      that is actually a really interesting answer.
      i feel most of the dl would identify with that score as well.
      which is not bad,
      but society wouldn’t accept or understand that.

    2. How dare you be a 2? Get outta here Christian. Just go lol. We don’t want you around here no more. You damn near straight lol. I thought I was a 3 too, but I like men just a lil more.

  3. First time I scored a 0, retook it and scored a 3. I think it is accurate for me. Since I was 11 I’ve always knews guys were cute and wondered what they look like shirtless, naked and how big their dick/balls are. I still imagine my best friends naked and how lucky their thots are for seeing them naked. But I could never fully give up pussy. I’m more comfortable with guys since I know how easy it is to get sex in this circle. With women I just started to feel confident in how I attractive I am to women. As a kid I thought that since I didn’t get hard looking at music videos or straight porn I was fully gay but I grew up and realized that not every guy gets hard from pics and need it in their presence. I think my attraction with guys comes from penis envy as I wish my dick was bigger.

  4. I got non-sexual. I fully identify as gay, though. I believe I got it because I’m not interested in intercourse. Never have been. I like oral and body contact but have no desire to bang or be banged. I only do it because I’m in a LTR. Once I get going, I enjoy it but would be perfectly happy with oral and body contact.

    When I watch porn, I rarely watch the penetration part. Don’t get me wrong, if Marcus from Masquerade Men ever gave up the cakes, I’m here for it. I do enjoy watching a big masculine man get penetrated.

    1. ^ thank you for sharing this answer.

      I want to hear more answers.
      this is really deep once you start reading how different people are sexually.
      We never realize that some people out here identify as “asexual”.
      it makes me wonder how many people are out here mentally confused because they arent sexual or want anything sexual like everyone else.

  5. I received a 4 “Predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual.” Yeah that’s accurate lol

  6. I got a 3. I’m dl so this makes sense. I love pussy and I like ass. I have a hard time choosing because they both equally satisfy me.

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