“Don’t Be Shush Me Hoe!”

tumblr_static_popcorn_logoas much as i like going to the movies on new release night,
and “black night” when one of “our” movies come out,
i just can’t take the drama that comes with.
well this one mother in pa will probably NEVER go to the movies again.
check out why…

blackeye12n-4-webThe next time you feel like telling someone to be quiet at a movie theater, you may think of this story.

A family was attacked after seeing a movie Easter Sunday evening at the Stroud Mall and they believe it happened because they told some teenagers during the movie to pipe down.

A woman says she just came to see a movie Easter Sunday with her family, when a rowdy group of teens sitting behind her not only harassed her family inside the theater, they allegedly assaulted some of them later in the parking lot and took off.

A black eye, a broken eye socket, and bruises all over — Cindy Santamaria-Williams says this all happened outside the Stroud Mall after an Easter Sunday showing of “Furious 7.”

“The three girls they were sitting behind us. They were very loud, rowdy. They were cursing a lot,” said Santamaria-Williams.

Santamaria-Williams told us she turned around and told the teens to quiet down.

After the movie and after complaining to management, she says those teens were waiting for her outside, along with three more girls and two teenage boys.

Santamaria-Williams told us what the girls said.

“‘When one swings, we all swing,’ and they immediately jumped on me and knocked me to the ground and punched me in the face. I think that’s what knocked me to the ground.”

Both Santamaria-Williams and her sister-in-law were hurt.

Stroud Area Regional Police Chief William Parrish says they are investigating the incident, one that concerns them a great deal.

“When you go to the movies, you don’t need to be at risk to have your family endangered and we’re talking about even Easter Sunday, you know, to come out and be engaged in this,” said Chief Parrish.

Now Stroud Area Regional Police along with the victim want to find all of the individuals involved in that alleged assault outside the food court and find out exactly what happened.

“We are trying to identify this group of teenagers. We’re looking at video from the mall and we do have some descriptions of some of the females,” said Chief Parrish.

Santamaria-Williams believes she saw someone recording the incident on a smart phone and is asking them to come forward.

please dont let them be black...
please don’t let them be blacksotc





















this is why i’m starting to like the matinee.
days and weekends before 1:00pm.
its quiet and all the cute wolves seem to go by themselves sunday morning too.
this new generation of wild animals don’t get up that early.

lowkey: whyyyyyyyyyyyyy…
do i get the impression it went down sorta like this:

ok i’ll go to the corner.

article with video taken: wnep

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on ““Don’t Be Shush Me Hoe!””

  1. Why they always black? This shit make us look so bad and uncivilized plus it makes it even harder to get good service

      1. I agree! It bad enough that the whole world look down on us and the cops feel the right to kill us. But to prove them right? OH HELL NO!!! The only time to fight is to fight for equality and justice, not because someone said shhh or be quiet. Please don’t make us bad.

    1. Because Lindo, you have those individuals that don’t know any better, and are out to prove how big and bad they are…by being loud. You would think that their parents teach them better, and most of them have, but once they get around certain friends…they want to act a fool. I’ve seen kids who are well mannered, but the minute they get around their friends…a different person comes out.
      When I see stuff like this it makes me cringe. I do see it on a regualr basis though, on the bus and train during the week. Loud, unruly kids, who act like they have no manners. I would LOVE to video their asses and take the videos to their parents…just to see what their reactions would be. Some would probably thank me, but I’m sure i would get quite a few that would tell me that’s not my child…with evidence in full view! LOL
      This is why I go to matinee showings. No loud, unruly people. Just good looking “nerds” whose girlfriends would not come to see a sci-fi movie with them. LOL

      1. ^shit some of the parents wouldn’t do anything.

        was i the only one scared to do anything that my parents would find out about?
        my parents truly had me shook out here LOL!

      2. There’s a flip side though, you’ll find that with a lot of these soulless kids with no fucks to give are a mirror image of their parents.

        Two parents households are far from the norm in black families and most of the time single parents or elderly relatives aren’t able to set firm boundaries and follow through which is key.

  2. I honestly get why some other races cringe when they see us coming sometimes. If this is the type of behavior they’re used to seeing from us ,and in some places and cities it is, it makes it hard for civilized black people like me because they project their bad past experiences on me.

    They need to be locked up!

    1. ^which is why we should always be different.
      being “the stereotype” is already embedded in their minds.
      just like we expect them to be racist.

      is it wrong that I believe not every white person is racist?

      1. We’re too quick to call white people racist.

        Most of them just have stereotypes or preconceived notions about black people that and most don’t even realize it.

        Racist=Hatred in my opinion

        It’s not really cool to openly be racist in 2015, you’ll only see people’s true racist side in comment section of yahoo and when they’re talking to other racist people.

        Latinos and other foreigners usually are the only ones that will be openly racist towards black people, but they’ll make sure to express it in their native tongue.

        1. ^i agree.

          we also need to remember that we are just as racist as well.
          blacks like to call out whites for racism while being racist themselves.

          or are black people even seen as racist in society?

      2. ^I feel that way Jamari. I don’t believe that every white person is racist. In those instances where you find racist attitudes, it’s generally based on hearsay and non-interaction OR from an incident with an ignorant person. I remember watching a documentary about white supremacist groups, and when the interviewer asked the group of teens if any of them had interactions with blacks or Hispanics (the target of their hate) not one of them had ever had interaction. When he asked how can you hate someone that has never done anything to you personally…not one of them could answer the question. One of them finally gave the bullshit answer, “well, they don’t like us”.

        I like to tell people that you can’t categorize everyone based on the actions of an ignorant few.

        1. ^WORD!!!

          this is how people live life!
          even outside of racism.
          you HEARD someone was nasty so you cast it on everyone you come in contact with.
          someone TOLD YOU about a incident regarding racism so you cast every white person you meet in the same light.
          life doesn’t work like that.
          through my job,
          I have met really cool white people who have helped me faster than my own people.
          I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

          it’s the same with gays and how people label the dl.
          they HEARD someone got played from someone on the dl…
          but never got the full story and a bunch of victim acting and finger pointing.

  3. I think probably most white ppl aren’t racist. Most of the things we label racist are, more accurately, really stereotypes and prejudice. And it’s not just whites; it’s people from all over, including some Africans. And if we take a good look at the public behavior of some members of our community, is it really surprising? Talking heads in the media like to point the finger, but should we not be starting with the man in the mirror?

    A grownup, when i was a teenager, once asked me, “what went wrong, where did THEY drop the ball?”

    1. ^i completely agree butter.
      it’s more prejudice than anything.
      I feel everyone has a small ounce of prejudice within them.
      we aren’t meant to like everyone.

  4. prejudice as in prejudging.

    I’ve heard, from a radio host, of a study conducted on blacks asking a similar line of question (i.e. about interactions with whites). By-and-large the vast majority had no “racist” interactions in their daily lives. I personally can attest to that in my own experience. So does a lot of the tension, currently, kept going through preconceived notions instead of real, personal experiences, accurately defined.

    And yea, you may come across a mean white person, but being a mean person and a racist are not the same. When Shawn is mean, he’s not a racist, just an ass. Can we give other individuals the benefit of the doubt before…?

  5. ^Butter…I think the tension is more or less based on pre-conceived notions as opposed to actual experiences. I do believe that prejudices are misconstrued as racist behavior/actions. I will say that I’ve experienced sterotypical and/or prejudicial behavior more at the hands of my own kind, than at the hands of whites. As someone mentioned, I’ve had Latino kats talking about me, THINKING I didn’t understand them (I understand a little spanish). I’ve had people from the Carribean (Dominican/Haitian/Jamaican?Ricans) turn their nose up at me..and they didn’t have a pot to piss out of. Go figure.
    So before we go pointing the fingers at white folks…we need to examine our own neighborhoods and cultures first!

  6. The young people are out of control regardless of race. There is a need for the parents to do their jobs at home. It is a matter of self respect and respect for others which they lack.

  7. smh! This is why people are surprised when we get annoyed when we’re stereotyped. You already wshh ready to put this up. So embarrassing

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