Um, OITNB Third Season Much?

i woke up out my fox nap,
which lasted a couple disrespectful hours,
to see the trailer for the third season of “oitnb”.

can we say…
the foxhole will be watching this together?
okay good.
just so we are clear.
if you haven’t caught up on the first two seasons
lets get on that,
shall we?

the new season of “oitnb” rolls out onto netflix,
june 6th.

lowkey: i kinda hate the whole “binge watching season” thing.
i watch the whole season in a damn day and be upset.
i kinda like every week i watch a new episode.
well then again…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Um, OITNB Third Season Much?”

  1. Oh I’m ready, this show is the whole reason I got Netflix( because to be honest I really watch anything new on there.) I wonder who or if there will be a new villain this season, because last season Vee was everything.

    P.S. I hate beige watching too, it takes out the momentum for me.

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