molly aka yvonne orji will test you after she says “no” for a picture?

i think people love to test us.
it seems we live in a society that is all about proving ourselves.
you want a relationship?
prove yourself.
you want that career?
prove yourself.
you want to be the better sibling?
prove yourself.

After you look like a serious pick-me,
that is when you have passed the test.

molly from hbo’s insecure,
aka yvonne orji,
says she doesn’t like the word “no“.
a fan wanted a picture with her in 2018 at a women’s empowerment event in boston.
molly ended up saying no but there was a reason why


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so molly was just testing her?
did this fan know she was being tested?
was this her version of squid game?

did she expect that potential fan to run her down for a picture?

i think molly was totally out of pocket tbh.
it wasn’t like this person was asking for business advice or to be on insecure.

She just wanted a damn picture.

if molly didn’t want to take the picture then cool,
but to get on stage,
embarrass that fan,
and then say “God bless it” at a women’s empowerment event?

i guess molly didn’t want to be dragged so she found herself apologizing to the fan.
this is what she tweeted today via “the shade room“:

“i’m saddened that’s how you felt” is not an apology.

“Hey Crystal.
I want to apologize for how I made you feel after we met.
Looking back,
I can see how poorly I handled that.
I will take this with me so I can learn to be better going forward.
God is still working on me.

Let’s try to organize another meeting so I can make it up to you.”

ima need yvonne not to acting like molly in real life.
see molly’s full speech:

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Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “molly aka yvonne orji will test you after she says “no” for a picture?”

  1. The key to remaining humble if you reach stardom is to not believe your own press. Don’t take it so seriously. I still do not know who Yvonne Orji is. Good luck with the game game.

  2. So this is how narcissists explain away their mess? Testing her? Who would feel comfortable asking again? Disrespectful.

    Reminds me of people who want to reject someone 3 times before they give them a chance. Who has that lack of self-love?


  3. She’s not THAT kind of celeb, she just has a part on a TV show. No one will remember her as age changes her.

  4. Ppl think they’re sooo in love w these celebrities when they’re really in love w their shows’ writers rooms! It’s your fav’s job to go on interviews and pretend to be all down to earth and likeable. Issa Rae IS NOT Issa Dee. The amount of competition and power tripping in entertainment does not create many opportunities for the girl/guy next door. I’m not at all surprised that Yvonne played herself like that. Wtf re-asks someone for a damn picture after they’ve been turned down? She sounds as ridiculous as these ‘women’s empowerment’ events.

    1. ^i think this is why some folks can’t separate the reality from the character they play.
      it’s even happening with onlyfans.
      folks are confusing a good jo scene with an entire person.

      1. Lmfao if you r hounding somebody who has an onlyfans for an autograph or anything and you get in your feelings; you are the problem. When people set up meetings for a meet and greet, that’s when you approach for autographs and pics. Onlyfans may be public but its also private because you pay for content. That person doesn’t owe you a damn thing because you like their content. They are private for a reason. People think because you buy their content they owe you something and they really don’t.

  5. This went too far if you asked me all because somebody said no. Speaking in front of a large crowd is always stressful. Taking a picture of them is cool but to get personal, wait until they get off stage. She simply said no politely that was good enough. People act like she said bitch get out my face. A polite no does not make them a mean celeb. Yvonne said if she would have explained she would have, granted still acknowledged her. She could have waited backstage and had a conversation. That’s not Yvonne being a narcissist or disrespectful. She responded with a no. Now if one of us approached any of you and said the same thing because you said no, does that make you a mean person, narcissistic, or disrespectful? It makes you human with feelings and you are entitled to protect your personal space regardless what you do and who you are. This is what needs to change we need to stop getting in our feelings because somebody said no. No is not disrespectful because there is nothing I read that said Yvonne was disrespectful called her out of her name. She said it herself it was a simple no. She wanted fame to spotlight a celebrity being human and nervous.

  6. IMO Yvonne not taking the picture was not being rude or mean but her going on stage and pointing the lady out and questioning her persistence is very rude.Maybe the lady wasn’t persistent because it wasn’t important.And the reason she probably wrote about it because there was a post where people were asked about their most negative encounter with a celeb.I saw one where the person claimed Whoopi Goldberg swung on them back in the day and I believe it,Whoopi don’t play😂.

    I respect Yvonne for apologizing.

    1. That woman was in her feelings Yvonne said no, she didn’t care she was pointed out. She wanted everybody to know that Molly from Insecure told her no to a picture. That’s all she was mad about.

  7. This is why I don’t say shit to celebrities. You never know what kind of bag they’re gonna come out of, and that first impression could taint my opinion of them going forward. If I were a celebrity and not at a public meet-and-greet, I would rather you leave me the fuck alone.

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