you’ll watch them burn because they underestimate you

they think you’re soft.
they think you’re weak.
they see you as feminine.
they’ve been talking about you.
they treat you the way that they do because they think you’re a f*ggot.
i’m gonna always be 100 with you.
so because of this,
they feel they can treat you the way that they have been taught.
they think you won’t fight back and you’ll take it whatever they dish out.
it’s like the animal kingdom.
the bigger animals underestimate the weaker ones.

silly straights.
silly they are.

see you have a superpower that you don’t realize…

i’m someone who is/has been often underestimated.
some people labeled me weak or soft.
it’s funny…

I’ve watched everyone who underestimated me fall.

they were too busy assuming i was the weaker creature.
i’ve watched them clique up with “cooler kids” as the bigger animals usually do,
but i had my own tribe and always depended on myself.
i lost my mother at a young age and had to learn the forests quickly.

It helped to have a platform of thousands of other foxes as well.

so while i was working on my craft and keeping my eye on the prize.
while they were out partying,

and trying to be “stars”,
i was slowly learning and wanting to earn my place amongst the stars.

As I was being ignored,
I saw everyone getting invites and flexing on social media.

i watched them all turn on each other too.
see “the cool kids” are usually snakes and end up eating each other.
i ended up walking past their dead bodies towards the next level.
The Universe has been my biggest goon dishing out karma to those that tried me.

even the spiteful gay jackals fell to their demise because of their stupidity.
in a world not kind to gays,
you’d think some gays would treat you like kinfolk and protect you.

They can be in good company at the bottom with their pack of idiots too.

let everyone second-guess you.
you don’t fight,
or try to convince.
in this forest we live in,
we are often underestimated because the straights think we are the weaker animals.

Most gays are usually the strongest.

we are put into these silly boxes due to the ignorance of others.
it’s funny how some people often fall due to their own stupidity.
if you stay focused and keep your eye on the prize,
you will watch them all burn.

lowkey: i love the ones that fall because they chose someone else over you.
they thought they were the smartest but fell because others were the stupidest.
i’ve seen whole groups fall in one swoop fuckin’ with me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “you’ll watch them burn because they underestimate you”

  1. i ended up walking past their dead bodies towards the next level.

    Everybody who crosses me, I warn about Karma. They doubt me. Then they’re cursing the sky like when Job was being cursed by the devil to see if he’d curse God.

    I am not better than anyone, but I either make people want to do better or they try to dig up dirt on me, too lazy to do better.

    I’m a germaphobe, so there’s no dirt. While you lied, manipulated, spread rumors about me, I was living for me. Instead of living for you, you put your energy into trying to take me down.

    The failure was them all along, because they saw a unicorn and tried to kill it to mount it on their wall. Oh the look on their face when the horn will gouge out their heart.

    Do not let these degenerates keep you down long, Jamari. They see a candle and instead of cherishing it, try to snuff it out and wonder why nothing goes right for them. Make your flame burn their eyes like staring into the sun as you rise from the ashes. You played dead. Regrouped. They thought you were done. Demons have to hide in the shadows. Let there be light.

  2. Wow this is right on time. I’m in a roommate situation with 2 older gays. They were cool to me at first but now its almost like theyre trying to break me down. As I took a step back from the situation I could see it is all jealousy but the bullying still sometimes gets to me. I’ll just rely on karma instead of plotting revenge. Thanks Jamari

    1. ^ i’ve been in something similar.

      my advice is if you can’t find a new place,
      you are surrounded at the moment.
      so as the romans do all while keeping your distance.
      be polite and don’t react.
      they’ll reap what they sow for their bad behavior eventually.
      you gotta let people naturally fall into the fires they create.

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