so i finally finished squid game on netflix and well…

if this was the first game,
i’d be dead af.
when i first heard everyone talking about squid game,
i thought it was a legit game.
the next candy crush or some shit.
i didn’t think it was a tv show on netflix.
sidebar: netflix just beez knowings.
i hate hype so i tend to hold on until the storm has passed,
but i was bored and wanted to know what the hub bub was all about.
i avoided spoilers,
and reviews so i didn’t know wtf i was getting into.
foxhole (with heavy spoilers below)…

How fuckin’ epic was this show?

now you know i don’t do things traditionally on this foxhole.
we are not by the book as far as reviews.
i give my thoughts as i can remember them.

– That 50-foot doll was iconic.

I didn’t know what to expect,
but as soon as the guns came out and they dropped 200 people in one swoop.
i was like okay,
this little tall bitch is not to be played with.
I def would have won “Red Light; Green Light” with no issues.
That was one of my favorite games as a kid.

– I liked the concept that people down on their luck would do anything for money.
You think “Broke As A Joke-Joseph” and “In Debt-Diane” wouldn’t have signed up?

Squid Game made you have to lose all morals in order to save your own ass.
It showed me who will turn on your for money too.

– Um,
they were selling body parts as well,

They killed that doctor so fast.
I was like hot damn,
they ain’t playing in this show.
They kill any character off for breathing wrong.
I think thats why it raised so much anxiety.
No one was safe.

– Did you know all the games were on the wall when they moved the beds?
I peeped that,
when they moved the beds.

– I HATED the main character,
456 annoyed my entire soul.
His face had me so vex.
He was such a dusty and a fuck up.
From losing all the money and then how he did his own kid.

– I wanted 067 to win tbh.
She was tough and focused.

The actress who played her was so beautiful.

– I had to take a break after episode 6.
When my manz Ali was set up and killed.
I was ready to throw hands.
It was ON SIGHT for Sang Woo.

– Ya’ll know from my IG stories I LOATHED Sang Woo.


Oh did I hate him for killing my manz,
and wanted to smash at the same time.
I was one of them.
Hate sex was on the menu.

He went from wanting to kill himself to a full-blown psychopath.
He done killed 3 people!!!
He changed his tune quickly when he saw that money.

I’m not a feet person by any means,
but Sang Woo had some really nice feet.
I was strangely attracted to that wolf because of his feet.

How annoying were The Bully and The Lady?
I was so glad she took both of them to their death.

– That glass tile part would have been my end.
I laughed when the first person fell to his death.
I know.
I know.
I’m going to hell.

– I don’t think the cop is dead.
Where was his body?

– That old man being the organizer of that shit blew my mind.
I should have known better tho.
How excited was he to play “Red Light; Green Light”?
He wasn’t infrared either.

– That red wig <
I thought homeboy was going in for the cut on the wall.
From the aerial view,
I thought it was a hat.
It was his hair.
He died his hair red but I see it had a deeper meaning.

You mean to tell me this asshole didn’t on the plane to go play games?
Where is the priority for his damn child?
456 was such a dork.
You couldn’t tell me shit if I won the entire game.
I would have been on some “i made it and what?” shit…

I won and well,
they’re all dead.
Sucks to be them,
ya know.”



– The cop,
the recruiter in the train station,
and Sang Woo could all get it.
I was never attracted to Asian wolves but after this show…

“Oh hey”

Asian wolves are smooth af.
From the way they move,
and speak.
It’s really sexy.

I’m into it.

even tho the show ended with a huge wtf,
i’m satisfied.

What on Earth would they even talk about in a second season?

if you think i’m watching an entire second season with 456 dumb ass,
you got another thing coming.

in my head,
he went back there and got killed cause he couldn’t leave well enough alone.
i think some things should be left up the imagination.
ya’ll remember what happened when ya’ll asked for a second season of “big little lies”?

lowkey: i love the interviews with the cast.
you know they are so humbled by all of this…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “so i finally finished squid game on netflix and well…”

  1. I just watched epi 6. ARGH! So sad they killed off beloved characters but I knew it would have to happen eventually deep in my subconscious. BTW, I only read to your spoiler alert on your post here.

    I wasn’t surprised by the organ harvesting. I mean, they might as well since they were just burning the bodies anyway. I’m scuuuuuurrred though to watch the remaining 3 epis LOL.

    I agree, I don’t like the main character, he is a scumbag, especially what he did to the old man. Horrible. I was glad they finally got rid of the older curly haired woman. She got on my last good gay nerve lol.

  2. If you liked Squid Game, I suggest you try “Alice In Borderland” next.
    It’s also on Netflix and based on deadly games
    and just as wild and engrossing especially once you get to a certain point.
    Without any spoilers
    I also like that it’s unpredictable after awhile which while I initially didn’t care for,
    It managed to completely change my mind and pull me in further.

    1. YES!!!! ‘Alice in Borderland’ is dope too. I’ve heard people make comparisons between ‘Squid Game’ and ‘Alice in Borderland,’ and while I can see that as they have a similar overarching plot, I think each show is pretty unique.

      1. I can’t really compare them fairly without being spoilery but they feel somewhat connected even though they are both completely different.
        Both impressed me by making me care about characters that I normally would overlook, though Alice In Borderland gave me a moment of confusion jaw drop “oh shit” moment that made me rewind.

        Now if only Battle Royale could be remade as one and done mini-series.

    2. AIB is excellent. I’m about to finish watching the finale this evening. It’s definitely a wild ride & has a lot of similarities to Squid Game. I personally think the acting is better in AIB. Initially I was not down w/the first episode of SG due to the overacting by the main character & a few others but they improved in the 2nd epi & the plot got even more engrossing.

  3. Its so funny you mention his feet because I noticed that too in ep 2 when he went to the door. And while I don’t think I would go as far to suck a dudes toes or lick the soles of his feet, I can definitely appreciate nice looking feet on an attractive guy or a guy I personally find attractive. And Sang Woo can definitely get it, lol.

    Shit, the cop dude and the recruiter…like you said, they all can get it. And they all have nice feet too (their all on wikifeet for men)

    I’ve always had a thing for Asian men, and could see myself actually dating one. Probably since I’ve been a fan of kpop for a very long time and watching multiple fancams and interviews of Asian men, I find them all pretty endearing, humble, funny and extremely loveable.

    And my best friend always brings up the “small penis” rumor with them, which I don’t agree with…I’ve seen sum nice sized dicks on Asian men before. But even if it were true, I wouldn’t care as long as they knew what to do with it…big ass 10 inch mandingo dicks are overrated anyway.

      1. Yasss, any male celebrity you have a crush on and ur curious about what their feet look like, this site most likely would have a picture of it. Just like how Wikipedia is updated from multiple members around the world, Wikifeet is the same way. This is the site:

  4. This show wore me out. Just outstanding. And it dealt with the cruelty and brutality of social inequality in a way that it would be hard not to grasp. I am hoping there’s a season two and the rich MFs who we got a glimpse of actually get put through their own “Squid Game.” I also am curious about the Front Man and his cute brother, who…well, I won’t give it away. But “Squid Game” is definitely the show to catch if you haven’t.

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