are ya’ll gonna fight for trump when beef comes to his door?

you know when folks have beef with each other it’s best to stay out.
our names is bennett and we ain’t in it.
so trump is starting a war in iran that has everyone shook.
i’m patiently waiting for developments.
it’s funny how trump spoke this into existence when obama was president:

well it seems iran allegedly doesn’t have beef with the american people.
this is a video that flew down my twitter timeline…

if this is true then good.
we was out here minding our business and living our best lives.
we ain’t trying to be in no war.
trump like that associate who always in beef and trying to get you in it too.
at some point,
you gotta let said associate get their ass kicked and you keep it moving.
trump and his squad might get humbled in 2020.
you know he ain’t leaving that white house for shit.

lowkey: how they gonna say iran was involved in 9/11?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “are ya’ll gonna fight for trump when beef comes to his door?”

  1. Im no trump supporter. Iran bombed a US Embassy recently and people died. There have been others but I read that Obama considered it but the recent treaty signed 2 years ago was to bring peace and previoys presidents knew it would kick off a war and spark a terrorist resurgence. Apparently Iraq voted to expel all US military personell from the region which will lead to terrorist factions gaining strength again. Its just beginning

    1. No Sir. Get your facts straight. You’re already falling for the propaganda some media outlets are trying to feed you to support Trumps actions.

      Iranian militiamen bombed our embassy Yes, the Iranian government had nothing to do with it. That’s what Trump wants you to believe to justify him killing an Iranian government official.

      Obama & Iran negotiated a nuclear deal in 2015 to keep peace, a deal that Iran was abiding by until y’all elected this Orange Nazis into office and he terminated the deal.

      None of us knew of this man until now, the man he killed has done horrible things but he also is a main reason ISIS is less powerful than it was before, Trump is trying to get attention off of the impeachment and get re-elected and unfortunately it’s working 🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. no propganda pusher here. i read so kill with all that. I read several news reports that are reputable. i dont read tweets or wherever else yall get information. Iran did bomb an embassy. nothing i said suggested the actions were justified and previous presidents were aware of this man but worked towards peace deals for obvious reasons so u dont have to act like a SME

  2. Hell is awaiting this orange and pink ass hole he isn’t smart at all anyone follows this big biscuit will fall with him period alot of fathers sons brothers will pass on his behalf but wars are the white man favorite thing and Obama has white blood in his DNA as well so it is what it is

  3. If you ask me…all of them are crazy. Only thing it seems to do is make them richer while they send the poorer people off to fight their battles while they play golf and go to dinner parties and dress nice.

    However, I am screaming at all the younger generation men. They be jumping up and down for the next Marvel Endgame or Infinity Wars movies and now with threat of a real war they flooded the selective service site to see if there was gonna be a draft…and trying to find ways not to be drafted…🏃🏾‍♂️🏃

    (I saw at least one video of two dudes doing nasty stuff with both their Army clothes and names visible…) 🤣

    Americans are pure comedy.

  4. You all doing all this talking about who did what, when, what happened, fuck that. Its a bounty on Trump head and they willing to do the job and wash our hands of it. Please forgive me GOD but I know this is not what you want us to do but this man, is un-GODly and he needs to be put in his place for the American people to not live in fear of war. This is not our war to fight. His entire presidency he been waking their racist minds up to tell people of color to go back to where they came from and lock the American borders up. Now he wants us to come to his defense and fight for him. Excuse me but fuck him! Draft me and watch me get dual citizenship and come back and tell them where he is, where his election campaign headquarters are, what time his speech is going to be, where his motorcade is coming from. I don’t even want the money. They either impeach him and turn him over to Iran or step aside and let Iran kill him. Its gon be him or us and I rather it be him if it means we will live a peaceful life. He committed Treason and made it ok so we can follow suit sense he is our Commander-In-Chief. Let him take one for the team. Let the Captain die for his ship to prevent more things like this from happening. This ain’t about his political, racial, or financial ways; this is personal and he can fight this war on his own! Fuck him! I didn’t see shit!

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