who wants to get lucky with rashad?

*the following entry is rated xxx.

so there is a new wolf on the scene and lemme font ya…


oh hey rashad.
so he is the self proclaimed:

215 lb,
masculine wolf,
who has a dick that shoots pina colada”.

so i added the last part,
but everything else was from him.

here are some videos from his ig for review…


and then we have this:


his lusty ass twitter gets more into his “11pm to 3am” entertainment:


rashad has an “onlyfans” that a foxholer let me get into.
judging from what i saw,
he seems to have good dick.
( x the london louie ) didn’t look like he had any complaints.

( x one of my fav scenes with the london louie )
“you not playing with this ass tonight”
he sure tf wasn’t.
i nutted so hard at that flick!!!!!

whoever that wolf was,
the dick was plentiful and his bunz looked like charmin.

i’m interested in seeing what else rashad has cummin.
i’ll allow it.

low-key: i’m gonna get some dick soon.
crack an egg in my foxhole and fuck me so hard that it scrambles.

check out his “onlyfans”: here | instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “who wants to get lucky with rashad?”

  1. Let me go ahead and follow his twitter for some late night viewing. He looks like he smells good idk why but he just gives me that.

  2. Im gonna need him to keep that camera on focus because Im loosing track of whats going on for my viewing pleasure. But damn yes he’s fine and looks like one of them island boys

  3. I saw the vid he did with London Louie and he legit fucks like a young ass teenager. No stroke game what so ever!

    We worship these men based off looks and end up disappointed in the sack.

    1. Yeah his lack of strokes is quite noticeable when he puts the phone at a distance, london louie seemed bored and. Quiet

  4. He’s good looking but he looks like yet another gorgeous but stereotypical and boring ass top that acts like he’s too good to suck dick just because he’s a top. I’ll gladly PASS on his ass. Tops like that need to be left behind in 2019 & the 2010’s.

  5. He looks boring. Tease videos are so 2019…you either show what you have or don’t show anything at all…

    Also, these comments are interesting. So is he really a bad TOP? I couldn’t tell from the last video. Looked like something out of Blair Witch Project with all the shakiness.

    He might make a better bottom.

    1. He seems feminine. Likely he is a bottom off camera. Well, most of these porn tops are butch queen bottoms. The bottoms are fembots.

        1. Black gay porn has always had problems because if the inability to find masculine bottoms and versatile during economic boom years.

          If Trump wins reelection, the stress of trying to keep a good economy will fade. Porn will be even better than that of 1992, 2008-9 and 2013.

  6. Can’t keep his dic hard. What bottom wants to deal with that. Most videos he finishes with a jack at the end.

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