are you hear for “a quiet place 2”?

a quiet place” is the type of horror movie i like.
it starred emily blunt and john krasinski.
i’m all about twists,
good deaths,
and “edge of my seat” thrills.

sidebar: i enjoyed “hush” on netflix…

i watched it late at night too,
damn near screaming because i was so scared.
if the foxhole knows of any other movies like this,
please let me know!

well because the first “a quiet place” did so well,
hollywood thinks we need a sequel.
well hello trailer to “a quiet place 2“…

even tho the trailer looks amazing

Do we need a sequel tho?

the first one pretty much covered everything.
i thought the fact it had limited dialogue was so brilliant.
it seems they are doing more talking in this new one.
i’ll probably go check it out when it comes out.
i watched the first one at home,
so i know it’s an experience in the movies.
a quiet place 2” hits theaters march 20th.

low-key: this “gretel & hansel” trailer looks way too scary…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “are you hear for “a quiet place 2”?”

  1. We definitely do not need a sequel smh. Hollywood always doing this. The trailer looks “meh” to me imo, but who knows maybe it’ll actually be good or even better and they might even turn it into a good/fun horror franchise like Scream because let’s face it a franchise is for sure coming. And Jamari here are some good Horror films on Netflix: Gerald’s Game, The Invitation, Super Dark Times, Train to Busan, The Witch, The Ritual, 1922. Highly recommend Gerald’s Game (Same director who made Hush), The Witch, Train to Busan and Super Dark Times.

  2. Loved the 1st AQP. Most sequels rarely live up to the original so I don’t have high hopes for it, nut I hope I’m wrong. And no Krasinski either w/his fine ass.

    I saw Hush & the premise was good but imo it was directed poorly w/a plot full of holes. Good acting though.

    I agree w/Marcqwis on Train To Busan (a foreign film w/subtitles) & Gerald’s Game being worthy of a great watch. The Witch is very slow & they use an old English dialect that was hard for me to follow. I really don’t think it’s everyone’s cuppa tea.

  3. I honestly don’t think we needed a second one just like I don’t think we need a second birdbox. It’s a great story but some things should stay as one offs.

  4. Train to Busan was everything… people have been sleeping on these foreign films. But if you csn get past the subtitles they are worth checking out. I keep hearing about Gerald’s Game so guess I jeed to check that out. Marcqwis named quiet a few that I may need to chckout as well. Thanks for the recommendations. I would have been oaky with AQP staying as it was. But it looks like this one will provide some backstory along with explaining what happened after the first one. I must admit that I kind of liked not knowing dome things in the original one which made it more interesting. I’ll go see this oen either way because I’m a horror fan. Hopefully it will not disappoint. Okay Jamari you have brought me out of scrolling to post for the 2nd time. I see what you are doing here lolz. Keep up the good work.

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