tyler perry don’t need no help on writing his shows

as you know,
tyler perry is a one wolf show.
he put up a video on his socials today about not having a writer’s room.
this is what he had to say

on one side,
i’m impressed he literally writes all of his shows by himself.

on another side tho,
i wish he did have a writer’s room of other black talent to assist him.
i can only imagine how the quality in his shows would improve.
i don’t know if “the oval” is a comedy or a serious drama at this point.

I wonder what’s his time frame in writing for all these shows?

i bet he doesn’t leave the crib.

lowkey: i saw a commercial for “hahn” of wyatt shooting up the house.
he had a shot gun and was taking down cops and randoms.

i thought he died in a past season????

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25 thoughts on “tyler perry don’t need no help on writing his shows

  1. Wyatt did Overdose but he was saved because he went into a coma. That’s how they wrote it. I think because his schedule cleared and the fans didn’t want to see him dead yet. He changes his shows to what the fans want.

      1. Maybe it was a dream? You know these shows have a way to play with your mind and HAHN is known for that and I love it and that hot Wyatt and those juicy lips

  2. I think he doesn’t have a writer’s room because he gets all the money for the writing, directing, and everything else. I agree he could use some outside ideas even if don’t use outside writers. I think he could use Being Mary Jane writers

    1. I just learned recently that the final season of BMJ was direct … if not written and directed… by the creator of Noah’s Arc.

  3. Tyler Perry is a beast. He did it all by himself. This has nothing to with work ethic. There is a reason he is a millionaire several times over. He takes all the credit for himself.

    The other thing he does not like is the writers guild. Unions.

    I believe that Oprah tried to have him hire writers to improve the quality of the shows on OWN. He told her go to hell in a very respectful way.

    Hey… I wish I had his work ethic.

  4. Wow. On one hand all the props in the world to him πŸ‘πŸ‘ He takes full ownership of his work and that is extremely admirable and smart as hell. On the other hand…it also explains a lot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. He must’ve saw As Told By Kenya’s video “Tyler Perry DO BETTER” ’cause…LMAO!!! Look, like what you like by Tyler Perry’s shows and films have become stale, boring, and one-dimensional. I really wish we had more black directors that would produce more diverse content starring black people. Like…I want to see a black version of Parasite, Hereditary, and Ad Astra. Is that too much to ask???

  6. It’s admirable that he writes everything. But it has been long determined that he needs other writers. Hiring some fresh unknown writers with great ideas would really help his shows AND movies. It would also give writers a chance and some credits!

  7. I applauded him for opening the studios because it took work ethic to make that happen. This right here just explains why all of his stuff wreaks of piss poor coonery. I only watch Tyler’s shows for the fine ass men he puts in them. This was nothing to brag about. He has a show called Sistas and Bruh?!? Really Tyler? I cannot!!!

  8. I love Tyler but he needs to hire writers…His shows are redundant, and the plot is ALWAYS the same: Man beating on Woman, she leaves him, finds Jesus and a liteskin Man and they live happliy ever after. Or Woman cheats and gets HIV. It’s always the same ish. Then on every play or movie Black people are talking like slaves from 1862. Not hiring writers when needed That’s not having a serious work ethic that’s having a serious ego to where you think you dont need writers lol. Black Women and Gay Men support him because of the Eye Candy in his shows/movies.

  9. I like his hustle, but some of his shows are stupid as fuck!! He does have some fine ass pieces in some of them.. He always showcasing new acting talents, why now showcase new writers??

  10. I love his hustle. I 100% agree and I do the same but…. he technically does need to hire writing talent. He can get more work done and have fresh plots.

    Honestly, I can’t be too mad at him in 2020. The rate at which people these days try to steal credit for the work of others is beyond belief

    I think his shows are boring and uninspired but I don’t think my opinion really matters, he has made his money and will continue to make his money. He has built his fanbase and has created this lure. No matter how faulty his shows are, people are gonna watch. The biggest money spenders are gonna watch..His shows seem to be filled with drama and sexy men which is what both women and gay men love. So they will run in just for that even if the show is shoddy.

    I cannot lie. I will not lie. Some of his choices are good in men. Devale Ellis isn’t the right kind of black man. He is the right kind of meaty (Thicc) I like to see on a man, period and he is easy on the eyes.

    Not so sure why he started blurring out the nudity though. I don’t watch his shows but I took a look at that guy just to see him and they had the perfect moment for a full ass shot and they blurred it out. Who complained ro the network? I can’t.


  11. Honestly this is nothing to be impressed about. Imagine being an ATL based writers and having ZERO chance of working for the first and biggest black owned studio in the country because the studio head is a control freak. So controlling that he refuses to hire union writers. In fact, most writers unions in hollywood have Tyler Perry on a “do not work for” list because he refuses to work within union guidelines. They are the ones of negotiate, arbitrate, and protect writers. He wants to hire and fire at his own whim with no consequences and pay what he wants. This totally explains why he content across the board is so wretched and low-brow. He’s not ignored by Hollywood because he’s black. He’s ignored because he feels like his core audience doesn’t deserve complex and fleshed out characters and sophisticated and thoughtful storylines that exclude the “downtrodden black woman” narrative. This is not “work ethic” this is side-stepping the industry and black talent for self-indulgent content.

  12. Ah yes, Ms Perry! I think of the Boondocks’ episode that nailed his ass. It was so on point about Perry, aka Winston Jerome, that he got his panties in a wad and had a big ass hissy fit.

      1. I think the episode got cut because Tyler took offense to it. It puts me in stitches everytime I watch it. If I were you I would purchase the boxset, it’s worth every penny.

  13. Yeah this doesn’t impress me considering the quality of his shows. I would argue Tyler Perry isn’t a good writer at all, as producing seems to be more his talent. A good leader knows when to delegate. Imagine how much better these shows would be with writers that solely focus on that aspect.

    He’s lucky Hollywood has been largely lacking creativity in general and he has the monopoly on black movies.

    I really want more of the millennial black filmmakers to breakthrough like Issa. Time for some fresh energy.

    1. I agree with you but Issa Rae’s work is anything to shout about either. I’ve seen insecure and thought it was okay but her acting isn’t very good. It also doesn’t help that she calls herself wanting to remake set it off either.

      1. Oh she is not a dramatic actress at all! Awkward as hell, but competent. She really shines as far as the writing and collaborating with other writers that make relatable stories to millennials.

        I completely HATE remakes now! It’s so lazy creatively to me smh.

        I need more action/supernatural films with black people like Fast Colors! Very simple, good movie that had the potential to be a good franchise if people hadn’t slept on it.

  14. All of his shows are terrible, I’m sorry. They repeat the same lines over and OVER again. The stories never really progress, some story lines never get an end. It’s bad.

    He’s a talented business man. EXTREMELY. He deserves all the success he has, but as a writer? Pass.

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