pull me over and pull my pants down officer

i’ve heard you shouldn’t date the hunters aka police officers.
never date anyone who can access your personal files and stalk you easily.
you break up with him and he’ll sick his other hunter friends on you too.
it can be a whole mess.
well marvin bienaime might make me change my mind.
he did a shoot of a new candidate called #sargentbae.
his real name ids d. cason.
according to marvin’s twitter:

this is some bts

oh Jesus help me.
this is him jogging on the treadmill:



these are some shots from his ig:

43 years old and still looking amazing.
is it me or…

Are people aging much better than back in the day?

you know,
there are some wolves we know we should stay away from,
but it’s real hard to not give them the foxhole.
as much as i’ve heard about the hunters,
it would really take the chains from the stars to keep my drawz up.
God is still working on me.

pictures cc: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “pull me over and pull my pants down officer”

  1. I seen his pics earlier and swooned. The 40 plus year olds are looking extra fine now. 6’7 I’m 5’8 I’d climb that tree happily

  2. That cop picture is such a perfect shot. The other pictures don’t look as good as it.

  3. He got cakes, so I approve! Would climb, mount and conquer those cakes all day! Lol

  4. This is the one time I would say “Officer cuff me and give me your night stick” I been a bad bad boy πŸ˜‰

  5. I thought that officers have a “moral” clause where they couldnt do things like that. lol Hell, I wanna see though.

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