“Underground” Is Now Six Feet Under

i have a thing with tv shows.
when i’m “iffy” on a popular show,
i’ll give it a second season before i watch.
i was gonna thinking of giving “underground” a chance,
but they just cancelled it foxhole!…

Plans for a third season of Underground have been derailed.

WGN American has cancelled the period drama after two seasons and 20 episodes, Tribune Media announced on Tuesday. Sony Pictures Television — the studio behind Undergroundwill attempt to find a new home for the series.

“Despite Underground being a terrific and important series, it no longer fits with our new direction and we have reached the difficult decision not to renew it for a third season,” said Tribune CEO Peter Kern in a statement. “We are tremendously proud of this landmark series that captured the zeitgeist and made an impact on television in a way never before seen on the medium… It is our hope that this remarkable show finds another home and continues its stories of courage, determination and freedom.”

The cancellation follows the demise of fellow WGN drama Outsiders and ahead of Tribune’s acquisition by Sinclair. “As WGN America evolves and broadens the scope and scale of its portfolio of series, we recently announced that resources will be reallocated to a new strategy to increase our relevance within the rapidly changing television landscape,” Kern explained. “This move is designed to deliver additional value for our advertising and distribution partners and offer viewers more original content across our air.”

Underground‘s second and final season concluded earlier this month.

that show made this legendary gif too.

well everyone was telling me get into that show,
but i’ll be honest foxhole,
i’m over the whole “slavery” programming.
is that wrong to font?
i’m into shows like “insecure” and even “dear white people”.
i hate to see those black actors and actresses out of work tho.
i know many enjoyed that show so i hope they find it a new home.
netflix would be perfect for them actually.
they are coming up when it comes to quality programming,
but the stink some of the whites had over “dear white people”…


article cc: tv line

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on ““Underground” Is Now Six Feet Under”

  1. I’m PISSED! How the fuck did this happen?! It’s not like the ratings were bad either. They were actually really good. I didn’t even know wgn existed before this show. OWN can pick it up and cancel one of Tyler perry’s shows. BET cannot get this show! They’ll just fuck it up and the ratings are gonna go down. lol

    1. I said the same thing BET CAN NOT GET THIS SHOW. Somebody suggested maybe Starz or Showtime. Damn, I hope somebody pick it up. Too much shit left hanging after Season 2.

  2. Damn I’ve been told nothing but great things about this show and now it’s has to hunt for another home. Netflix or Hulu would be great for this. And no you’re not the only one who got tired of the watching slavery shows or movies.

  3. I watched it and the show was great especially after seeing that legendary moment live. But I got exhausted with the show after season 1 just because I’m soooooo tired of slavery shows. I wanted so badly for me to like it/love it but I just can’t watch another show where we are suffering I would love it if we had shows that showed us in positive lights and etc.

    That’s why I love scandal, htgawm, green leaf, queen sugar, insecure, pitch(even though that got cancelled), 24 legacy, still star-crossed and etc. I know we aren’t all good people in those shows but at least we aren’t slaves and being tortured to death.

  4. Loved Underground and hope it finds a new home somewhere that allows it to grow and stretch. WGNAmerica on some bullshit. If you didn’t see Harriet Tubman on this second season then you missed some of the best acting this year on television.

  5. @jamari, if you thing the above gif is nice, Apparently, somebody missed the first ep of Seaon 2 when you saw all of Noah (Aldis Hodge) ass in all of its glory. lol That man is beautiful. lol I wont to see that the front looks like. His brother, Edwin Hodge, has a fatty on him as well. lol

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