He Raped Me In The Laundry Room (He Was Fine Tho)

yes almighty lord for i will not forsake all that you do for me.
you know i create stars in the foxhole.
so one of my fav f-bi hit me up with this email last night:

Jamari you have to peep this episode of Steel River. OMG there is a scene where this FINE AS HELL WOLF scoping this dude out in the gym. And this WOLF is OUR type. Football muscles, tall, lightskin, big lips, redbone. Long story short he ends up raping ole boy in the Laundry room of the apartment. Those scenes just fulfilled all kinds of fantasy of mines. Except the raping part. Smh I would’ve fucked him in the gym

here is the video…

when i say he is what my dream wolf look like?
well not with the rape tho,
uh uh,
but his entire physical.
so my f-bi also found out his info,
as you know they would.
his name is james hatchel.
he is a personal trainer,
i guess turned actor,
from atlanta.

he also has a youtube channel called “goe fitness”,
where he gives you some work out tips:

anigif_enhanced-buzz-21257-1393235009-6i would swallow him WHOLE!!!
that’s a promise.
putting “ratchet jamari” aside,
he needs to work on his presentation.
the instagram and the youtube videos need some work.
have no fear; foxhole public relations/image consulting would be there.
i need a better title.
anyway hit me up.
lets “tawk”.

follow james socials: instagram | youtube | his website

check out the entire series for steel river: here

23 thoughts on “He Raped Me In The Laundry Room (He Was Fine Tho)

  1. He’s got 10 plus inches. I get dances from him all the time in richards. Sometimes we do more than just a dance.

  2. The acting was so bad I could barely watch it. And that was a rape scene? Dude acted like he was ready to bend over and give it up anyway.

  3. So let me get this straight. He is a fitness trainer/model/actor/grad student/stripper. He might as well add rapper to the list *rolls eyes*

  4. Yessssss my mouth dropped clear to the damn flo when I saw this episode; trust and believe he would NOT have to STEEL my RIVER!!!! #stillmoist

    1. LMFAO I feel the same thing. He is sexy as fuck. He’s a stripper? I need to get his booking info lol

      1. LOL yeah, it’s a strip club. He’s been working there for a while now, I haven’t been since my birthday in January. He’s pretty nice…but I guess all of them are if they want to get a tip.

  5. Rape ain’t sexy…at all.

    One of the worst things that could ever happen to a person.

    It has been the worst thing to ever happen to me.

    People confuse beauty and goodness all the time.

    How many men and women thought Darren Sharper was fine before he drugged and raped them?

    1. I did homie. I would have let Darren pour me a drink without me watching. I thought he was a good dude man. Darren had a gentleman like image, he wasn’t just fine. At times, I would sit back and watch him on NFL network and be like “He is such a good dude.” We were all fooled man.

  6. I didn’t know this show was even back. I’m mad that happened to Dex man, he’s a cute lil Fox. I would have curved that dude too if he walked up on me like that. You don’t walk up on a nigga all aggressive and shit. He was a bit much. Nah dude, fall back.

  7. Lol I’m dying laughing because when I watched this episode about a week ago I was saying to myself that nigga wouldn’t have to rape me. I would’ve let him fuck me all kinds of stupid LOL

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