I Got Some Beef

beefcake2am i the only one having beef with the haves and have nots?
please tell me i’m not the only one…

i hate hannah.
okay hate is a strong word.
i loathe her.
i wish they would have put her idiot ass in the coma.
she sitting up there singing negro spirituals,
ackin’ a damn fool in the courthouse,
when she was offered help to move benny to a better facility.
then she gonna get on candace for her damn child?
“if you don’t tell me where your child is,
you can leave.”
um, bitch??!?!?
like your priors are all the way screwed up.
get rid of her immediately.

amanda and this bad acting when she is “crazy”.
this giggling from her bedroom foolishness.
“uh heh heh heh…
uh heh heh heh…”
like chick what is happening to you in this bedroom?
i’m over it.
for the life of me,
i’m puzzled why they don’t find that odd?

this whole “woe is me” jeffrey storyline is hitting a dead end for me.
if jeffrey was a true gay character,
and as ruthless as he was in the first season,
he would have had all his shit reinstated while playing “d/l”.┬áit’s all to keep queen veronica happy.
low key he would be banging that hot dude he met at sycophant,
or whatever that gay club was named,
20 times til sunday and maybe twice on monday.
tyler is dropping the ball on this character.
jeffrey could have been really mufti-dimensional.
now he is a whiny spineless mess.

i hope benny is at least getting a check for laying up in a hospital bed this season?
i have come to grips his character maybe killed off.
it was tough,
but i can get through it.

can we put celine in a coma too?
her character is so unrealistic to me.
is she supposed to be comic relief or flat out annoying af?
i’m confused.
if tyler wanted to bring the drama with her,
have her sleeping with wyatt on the low.
shit have her washing the dishes.
i dunno.
all i know is either give her a point of blow her up in a freak accident.

speaking of wyatt,
where is he?
if benny near death,
at least keep his eye candy coming.
preferably shirtless with a cowboy hat and handcuffs.
oh whoops!
wrong episode.
i need my fix of white sexy,
last episode.

maggie and david need to smash.
i think its leading up to them getting it on.
the way he looks at her and talks to her.
i’m sensing a nice veronica melt down.
all complete with great one liners and awesome stare downs.

their make up was casket sharp on that lanai tho.

other than that,
i’m trying to stick around and see what direction they’re taking this show.
if they are arresting hannah next week because she done stole the body,
stuffed it in her trunk,
and was about to drive across country on some “weekend at bernies” shit…

danil…i might actually be here for it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “I Got Some Beef”

    1. ^tyler needs to hire writers.
      hopefully he isn’t writing by himself.
      he can’t seem to develop his characters properly.
      it worked for stage plays,
      but a show needs a different kind of development.

  1. I begrudgingly started watching this show last season and got hooked. Normally I try to avoid Tyler Perry ‘productions’ due to horrible stereotypical characters, bad acting, and just overall awful awful writing. Two reasons I gave this show a chance were a) I have a soft spot weekly soap opera and b) its on queen Oprah’s network. Last season was surprisingly kitsch and campy, something I didn’t expect Tyler to be capable of. Also, throw in the strong acting skills of the cast (i.e. Tika Sumpter, Gavin Houston) and I found myself beyond intrigued.

    But I agree w/ your assesment that this season is all over the place. I still love Hanna’s character, namely the actress who portrays her. But I’m also not here for the lack of backstory involving her and Candace’s relationship. It has become annoying to have them still react to each other like they did in the 1st season especially when Benny is fighting for his life in a coma.

    1. ^the backstory for the kids is also needed.
      why do get hate their family so much?
      im trying to figure out if Hannah is the heroine or the dumbass?
      i don’t get it.
      i don’t even sorry for her when she has emotional outbursts.
      she just comes off annoying.
      mrs cryer,
      and veronica are saving this show for me.
      jeffrey was,
      but his character is hitting a dead end for me.
      i don’t like how tyler is writing this gay character.

      1. I don’t like the writing of the character either. C’mon Tyler. How about that shirt Jeffrey is going to be wearing in the next episode? The one with the pink roses on the sleeves? I can’t. That shirt was just too much and it was ugly af. It’s like one minute Jeffrey is flaming and the next minute he’s kinda masc.

  2. This is Tyler Perry’s work, so I have high hopes for the future episodes. I think Mrs. Cryer moved the body, but Hanna will suffer the consequences. However, Mrs. Cryer is going to tell Hanna, but Hanna will not be able to tell the police Mrs. Cryer has him because she has faith Benny will awake, and doesn’t want Tony to have his rights, which means she’ll have to take the fall for the missing body. They are going to have to stall.
    Benny didn’t come this far to die. When a person is planned to be killed off a show, it doesn’t drag on this long. He’ll awake for the finale, but Mrs. Cryer will be by his bedside. That’s the catch.

    Why is this season so short tho? Wtf is up with that?

  3. I watch this show for 3 reasons it’s a telenovela so I love my action, Candace cause I love the fact that she is an Angel and a Devil at the same time plus she is gorgeous, and 3rd for my love for Benny, he’s so cute and perfect. But Hanna need to back off a little bit especially with Candace. But I need a backstory on why she hate Candace so much, and I hope I’m not thinking what I’m thinking with the skin color because I had a friend who mother treat him like crap just because he has a dark brown complexion and his two older brother are yellowish and get treated like saints and it remind me so much like Hanna and how she treat her kids unfamiliarly.

  4. You do realize that the Celine character may get bigger because of the hush hush money that she keeps going on about is for the love child she had with the father, who I think Tyler tried hinting at when they rented out that space for the campaign, that spanish boy may come out the woodworks and be on that I am you son deal.

    Tylers always been on that annoying stuff church so far down your throat to damn near turn people atheist, and Hannah is that to a point.

  5. I admit, I watch this show every week. I know the acting is horrible, minus Candice and the Criers(sp). Hannah acts like a freed slave.

    I still enjoy it and am hoping things change. At least this season they have a budget for lighting.

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