#BMJFinale (The Story of A Crazy Woman)

tumblr_inline_n1kw406FcN1rki36eso i just finsihing watching that season finale.
all i have to say is “wow”
am i the only one who thinks mary jane is a crazy person?
like legit “not right in the head and may need a restraining order”?
she makes the absolute WORST decisions.
shit even i needed a drink after watching that episode.
i can’t.
did anyone else watch that madness?

x watch the first part

x watch the second part

lowkey: i love how they slipped in ester hicks into the episode.
i’m actually studying her teachings right now and they really work.
def manifested that job and some happiness because of it.
thanks to my special foxhole friend who introduced me.

6 thoughts on “#BMJFinale (The Story of A Crazy Woman)

  1. Correct it was humiliating to watch, but maybe the writers are showing us who mary jane typically is. cause every one kept calling her crazy and i always wonder why she created the postit inspirational wall and i saw why her crazy ass was all over the place,so i think she had a relapse back into crazyville. But i felt they rushed it and cram alot of crazy down a episode they should have spread it.

  2. My friends and I debated this episode. Is she crazy or is she passionate; I believe a little of both. I mean we all have a little crazy in us and certain people in our lives tend to bring it out; front and center. The show definitely has my interest. S/N I am pissed they canceled “Single Ladies” UGHHHHHH

  3. Idk I thought the series was soo authentic in that it wasnt predictable. MaryJane didn’t get either of the men she wanted because of her self issues and qualities. Its how it is, I know because MaryJane story is similar to my own. I am really fucking crazy and loving me is toxic. But I dont mean to be its just how I am. I try to stop but I’m addicted to the hearts of men.

  4. I was really disappointed with that finale. It felt like they took her character and did a 180 on her. That scene when she’s at David’s house was really hard to watch. She came off forced, needy, and CRAZY. When she took his sperm in the first ever episode I had my mouth hanging open but this last episode left a bad taste in my mouth.

    1. But isn’t that kind of a good thing. I felt embarrassed for her, but I like how awkward i felt. It was like you saw this woman have a complete breakdown. I was watching it like, “Damn girl, you look like you’re in pain. Please stop!” Sometimes when you really think about it, moments like she has with David are so awkward especially if the person doesn’t feel the same way.

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