Russell Westbrook is Sasha Fierce (A Whole Lotta Baller Wolf)

tumblr_mkt1yzUOGN1qb6vamo1_r1_500an f-bi just sent this to me and i had to post this ASAP

On the basketball court, Russell Westbrook doesn’t seem to mind what people think about him. He’s been criticized for everything from shooting too much to not giving the ball to Kevin Durant enough. But, off it? Well, that’s a whole other story. In a new piece in ESPN The Magazine, KD reveals that he has a special nickname for Westbrook. That nickname is “Sasha Fierce.” And, he gave it to him because Westbrook is obsessed with the way he looks.

“On the court, he’s a fierce competitor,” KD says. “Off the court, he’s chilling in front of the mirror, making sure he got the right lip balm on.”


ikaibNaAHJpi3beyonce says “hole upppppppp“!
check these photos for espn.
do you think he deserves the sasha fierce nickname:

lowkey: i like his swagg.
some of his outfits,
i would rock.
he can dress real well:

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x espn article about russell

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4 thoughts on “Russell Westbrook is Sasha Fierce (A Whole Lotta Baller Wolf)

  1. Yea he deserves it the name. Russell knows he’s handsome af. I want to lay the pipe on him. I would dog his ass.

    I want him to start his own clothing line. That would be good for him and he would make money. I would buy his shit.

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