F-BI: Where Is “Big Bunz Brandon” Now?

Brandon-Parker-04whatever ever happened to “big bunz brandon”?
brandon parker is the name he was born with.
he use to model for tarrice love with ice-itsocool.
i remember he was a declared straight wolf,
alleged pre baller wolf turned urban model,
but he was known for his good looks and natural asset.

A-Sad-Angelina-Jolie-Sulks-And-Raises-Her-Headeveryone wanted to know who he was,
and for a minute,
he looked like he was going places.
he sorta just fell off and was never heard from again.
what happened?
was the urban modelling industry too much for him?
i know taking pictures like that brought many hungry wolves to his table.
so i had to wonder…

What happened to “Big Bunz Brandon”?

…and please don’t tell me its a porn star or a crackhead.

lowkey: i know when i tried to follow a few wolves under tarrice brand,
they flat out declined back in the day.
i guess they couldn’t keep up with the “forest friendly” pictures.
its okay.
foto119 is the new movement anyway.

all pictures credited: brandon parker | tarrice love

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “F-BI: Where Is “Big Bunz Brandon” Now?”

  1. You aint heard this from me, but he got into some legal trouble, I searched his name a couple of years ago and instead of his modeling pic a mugshot came up. If my memory serves me correctly, I think he was on some platform saying he did not like the male attention, so he may have voluntarily dropped off the scene or else he had to take a little trip to a lock up resort. He was easy on the eyes, but its been fifty hundred eleven wolves who have taken his place since he was on the scene. Sadly, you drop off in this social media age and you are yesterdays news and no one cares anymore. Is Tarriece Love even still around, I actually spoke to him on the phone about helping a old boyfriend on mine break into modeling, years ago.

      1. Thanks Jamari, needed that laugh! Dying because I was thinking the same thing reading that..
        Wolves would be ready to fight over that ass in there, hell I think the “straight” wolves would even want some. 😂😂

    1. Jeez, these guys just don’t learn! Why would you alienate what is perhaps your biggest and most loyal following? The gays are surprisingly powerful when it comes to a male model’s or celebrity’s success. Smh.

      1. People are dumb. Why didn’t anyone tell him? His friends? His agent?

        He would have went far just by giving the gay boys what they want…it worked for Nick Jonas.

        These “straight” men have too much fear in them, and that’s what holds them back. Oh well.

  2. Oh man, I’d eat him up! Those buns look like a LOT of fun! Pretty lips and eyes. Just nice all around MM!

    I thought he was gay? Damn, well if he is in jail, he’s going to get eaten up by someone else!

    Black men are just so freaking beautiful! Seriously! LOL

  3. Brandon was not here for the kids. This is a direct quote from his old Model Mayhem page that hasn’t been active in 4 years:

    “I am currently looking to shoot some couples themes….with WOMEN, don’t ask me to shoot implied homosexual themes. That’s not what I’m about and something that I don’t do. I also don’t shoot frontal nudes please don’t ask or offer money to do it….the answer is still no.”

    And that’s that!

    1. So who did he think was appealing to with displaying his donk like that in all his photos–sistas? You know how finicky they are with men having a bigger butt than they do, and here’s this cat displaying his tail like it’s something they want.

      He’s delusional.

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