Mister Available (Call, Text, or His Legs are Open Anytime!)

you-cant-sit-with-usmister available.
the one who is always there.
you call; i answer.
you text; i reply.
if i like you,
or i consider you my family,
i’m always available when someone needs me.
when i need someone tho,
some of those same people will blatantly ignore me.
well in this new season of “phoenix”,
i’m starting to change that…

the other day,
star fox’s x hit me up out the blue.
the thing about him is i realized long ago he is a selfish animal.
he will only talk to you when he wants to talk to you.
so in “jamari fox” fashion a couple months ago,
who god is still working on,
i cussed him out and cut that off.
he never responded so i figured we were done.


tumblr_npfqneEYh21rbhiozo2_r1_400well i guess he found himself lonely last week so he hit me up.
he tends to go through “friends” rather quick.
the thing about me is i don’t hold grudges.
it all depends on what you did,
but i’ll always be cordial.
well he was back to the same ol fuck shyt.
a couple days later is when i got a response.
he didn’t even reply to the original message i sent!
he ignored that to ask me a question about some random shit.
by that time,
i had already erased his message.
i let him know i read it tho.
the next day,
he texts me on some playful shit like it was my fault i don’t reach out.
pineapple what?
he is officially in the “no flex zone”.
i don’t know when he’ll be out of there.

giphy-169i texted work wolf yesterday morning to see how he was doing.
he read the message,
but decided not to respond.
okay cool.
well he didn’t text me back until damn near 12am.
his excuse is he wasn’t in the mood.

so you couldn’t send a text and say that during the day?
the longest ive ever not responded to him was an hour or two.
during that time,
he will be blowing up my shit.
since he has been up this new vixen’s ass now,
he has been on some new shit.
so i didn’t respond to that text and probably won’t until i see him again.

left will blow up my phone when he needs someone to talk to,
but as soon as i need him,
i get a nice:

“call you later”

…and then no call back.
he’ll send some:

“love you bro”

and other niceties to get my attention back.
this is either days or weeks later.
by that time,
he has an issue he needs help with.

Tom-Hanks-Saying-Reallyi have more in this cycle i have created.
i realized that i have become “mister available” to many wolves.
the home-vixens like karaoke and the pretty vixen are different.
they will respond.
they don’t take hours or damn near days.
plus they don’t always have some random issue they need help with.
the wolves up above all have the same trait.
star fox x can go thatta way————>,
but work wolf and left i actually give a fuck about.
the crazy part is,
they only respond in their feelings when i mirror their actions.

“yo where are you???”

…and a work wolf who will come to my department to see why i’m ignoring him.

prince2it think it’s time to switch up alla dat.
its getting real ridiculous.
its like the vixen whose wolf continously does wrong.
she gets mad and kicks up dirt,
but all he need to do is give her some bomb dick and things are great again.
she in the kitchen cooking up a meal,
or buying him a ps4,
because her brains just got fucked out something ferocious.
well uh uh.
that ain’t me!
hell nahhhhh.
….or have i mentally become “that vixen”?
now i feel sick.

well the old saying goes:

 you teach people how to treat you.

but i had to wonder…

If it’s too late to turn things around?

22 thoughts on “Mister Available (Call, Text, or His Legs are Open Anytime!)

  1. Am I only one who doesn’t associate all those things with texting?

    I personally like it when I’m not being texted every minute, but perhaps I haven’t had that person I’m itching to text yet.

    Me and my friends and family are very similar with our texting habits, and we all have a habit of sending the rare text once a month to check up on each other, but there’s no doubt in my mind that we care for each other. We call each other more often than we text anyway, and when we text, its like reading an average comment from me on this site; like reading a novel! LOL!

    I’m very introverted so I dont get concerned with people not texting me back, but most of the people I associate with share the same mentality about texting.

    The one thing I will say, is that my texting habits are not one-sided, and I try to mimic and reciprocate the other person’s habits as a courtesy, but texting is a matter of convenience for me, not respect or a way of life. It’s not personal, and I’d rather use my efforts to see you in person, or to communicate with you about important things.I know I’m probably the only one with this view on texting though lol.

    Even with all that being said, Work Wolf doesn’t seem to be respecting your time, and your texting habits considering you guys already have established that dynamic of consistent communication. Unlike my scenario, this isn’t normal for him. If I were you, I’d be taking my sweet ass time to respond to anything he says, if he’s lucky enough for me to respond at all. Seriously. No games! LOL! You’ve got better things to do than to have him crawling back to you when its convenient for him. Be busy!

    1. Bingo! I’m the same way. I’m introverted too so I guess it’s because we need our own “space” at times so we don’t like to feel “bombarded” or outta place. I’m not one to like quick texting either but then again even if I notice that a person is taking very long to hit me back then I usually find a way to terminate the conversation because I’m not one for dragging pointless conversations for days.

      And the only time I was eager to text back quickly was with a guy who I really liked, but he took long to text back too so I eventually lost interest. My thing is, if a person usually takes long to respond to you the best believe that you’re not on their priority list. Because lets be real, who doesn’t touch their phone for the whole day? You’d have to come up with a good excuse for that one to be doing it all the time.

  2. Mannnn I deal with this all the time! You know this Jamari!

    One of my friends tried to make me feel like I was being petty for cutting dudes off for always responding days later to text messages, if they responded at all.

    Granted some guys do forget, but if they were responding promptly before when you all first met you’ve slid off his list of priorities. Accept it!

    I know how I am when I think someone is important! I’m damn near waiting by the phone to text back ASAP

    But if it’s someone I’m “meh” about, I might skip the message and think about replying later.

    I’m no one’s backburner bitch!

    There are some dudes that scroll through their phones and think “I’m bored. Who can I hit up that I know will respond and entertain me? Or to stroke my ego”

    Won’t be me!.

  3. Never too late to change things, you identifying the problem so that’s the first step. Next I would say talk to these wolves and let them know how their behavior is affecting you. Or like a Phoenix burn those asses lol keep doing what they do to you until they get the picture.

    1. I’m with Mikey, though it’d be more entertaining to see them get burned. I think Jamari is having an epiphany, let a bitch try him.

  4. Respect is a two way street. As we get older, it becomes more important. Especially if you want these people in your life. You respect them, they respect you. Simple. If not. Fuck em.

  5. I never comment I just read but i feel like i shoukd. I am in a situation with this guy. I kind of feel like I’m being used/played. I will call or text and he won’t respond until hours and I mean hours later. I texted him at 10:30 and he didn’t respond until 9:30p. I was really annoyed because this is not how I thought this whole dating thing works. There seems to be an excuse everytime. I’m not blowing up his phone every 5 seconds and I give him space but i feel like he doesn’t really care. i have been alone and haven’t been in a relationship in a very long time and I feel like I know what I should do but Ive been alone for so long that no having anyone to talk to judt takes me back to a place that I hated. but I guess I’m still not talking to anybody. I just don’t know.

      1. I feel this has become a place of healing for most and wherr we can help each other. Also texting and social media has come to replace people interaction and jow we should expect to be communicated witj and treated. Now it’s easier to cheat because a text reply is so easy..but a phone conversation reveals everything. Let’s talk more folks. Communication is key and when someone loses communication..they should also lose keys to access us…. im gonna leave that right there for a minute…..

    1. So. You’d rather have some who treats you poorly than be alone? Being “alone” allows you to be open to the right people…not the wrong ones

      1. Man. Being single has irs advantages. You can do you. Be you and live. A relationship should come after 2 people develop themselves and find another developing person who is on the same development plan. Anything else is just random fuckery

      2. Tony can you start posting more up here, your comments have spoken to me and made me think. Thanks brother

      3. ^Thank you! If it comes to it i’ll put my scissors to work until the only people who will be attending my funeral will be my mama and a priest. I can do bad all by myself. (One of the few things Tyler Perry wrote that was good).

    2. Some men have no clue how to make anything above the neck feel good. The only way they know how to show affection is through physical contact. They don’t realize that the little things mean alot. They don’t recognize that feelings get hurt over how long it takes to respond to a text. They don’t realize that your not in the mood for them at times but you do it anyway because they are important to you. So when they have the nerve to verbalize they were not in the mood for you, should you feel less important? Are they bad people? Inconsiderate? Are they using you? Ignorant? Maybe maybe not. If you explained how their actions made you feel would they adjust their behavior to your needs or stay the same? If they stayed the same and you remained, accepted, over looked, are you the bigger person or playing the fool? What are the rules if you’re just “friends” or just “dating”? You can’t force somebody to give you what you need. You either accept or decline and move forward with your decision.

      1. But you can ask for what you need, always, the results from asking, defines the relationship.

  6. Reading this you instantly made me think of this song that somewhat describe your situation; La India – Soy Diferente. Good night, Jamari, good morning, JaPhoenix. Don’t let anyone walk all over you

  7. In life its not about likes, its about RESPECT! We spend so much wasted time getting people to like and love us and they only like us for what we can do for them, as soon as we stop or need something from them, you see the real them. I am so guilty, but believe it or not, coming hear everyday has help me to understand I am worthy of Respect if I give Respect. I started this weekend by not being available to my so called good friends. Well guess what, they blew up my phone wanting to hang and I told them I was good. I ended up hanging with my new friend who I mentioned the other day, and had a good time, he just brings a whole positive vibe that I realize I was missing with my ride or die’s. He introduced me to his group of friends and they were just as warm and inviting and made me feel like I been knowing them forever. Man sometimes we have to get away from our usual group and just experience others so that we can be appreciated. As I always say, sometimes you have to step out of people lives so that can appreciate you in their lives, if you steady answer and always come to their aid, they are going to keep doing the same things, if they stop fooling with you, oh well be grateful you saw the real them. Dont make them like you, make them RESPECT you and appreciate you.

    1. It was a good decision of you to hang out with the new guys tajan. They seem like they appreciate you way more than the other guys. Maybe it’s time to change your company!

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