Love and Hiphop… Homos?

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.48.19 PMso i wasn’t going to watch “love and hiphop hollywood” tonight.
i was actually finishing up mtv’s “scream”.
great show btw.
i kinda guessed the killer couple episodes in.
either way i heard mi scream my name in the living room.
milan christopher and siir brock were on the screen.
in bed.
i was kinda…

…intrigued with their whole exchange.
its a topic most of “us” have dealt/dealing with.
it had mi fascinated tho.
she was full of questions:

“omg is that how gay men are?”

“do they lay in bed like this?”

“do they have sex with each other in prison?”

“have you messed with animals who looked like this?”

angelina-jolie-for-president-no-wayit was like she was having a major culture shock.
i’m actually glad they weren’t “the typicals”.
no “derek js” or the like.
its about time more masculine animals are pushed on television.
i wonder what the straight wolves watching were thinking?
i know work wolf will have an opinion.
he loves ratchet tv.
aside from that,
the second season looks pretty interesting.
i got a hint of “acting”,
i may watch this season.

Will you?

lowkey: milan has a nice little bawdy on him.
shower scene>>>>>
and to think…
all that attentionisto behavior and this is what gets him noticed.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 11.07.33 PM

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22 thoughts on “Love and Hiphop… Homos?”

  1. I watched tonight, but I’m not anymore. I didn’t even watch ATL series until the last few episodes lol. The show is just too scripted. The downlow stuff did not appeal to me at all. I did not know a woman was involved. That was not the first time he was with a man…boi get outta here.

      1. I consider being on the DL dating a woman while you are dating men on the low.His ex Amber even said they haven’t dated in a couple of years on her IG.She says they were still friends after they broke up.Also if Milan is not the first guy he has been with than I am sure a guy will come forward
        .I find it interesting that you think Miles has been with other guys but don’t believe Work Wolf has been with guys before.It’s possible for a guy to be bicurious and not act on it until he meets a certain guy.Like I said if Miles is lying about this being his first gay relationship it will come out.

      2. You just validated what I sad about it being scripted. On the show they were dating, and she was wondering why he was distant, but on her ig they haven’t dated in two years. SMH

    1. I don’t watch LAHH but did Miss Milan really say that this was her “Very First Man on Man Relationship”? Bwahahahahahaha!

      1. He filmed that scene months ago and no man has come forward,not even anonymously, to contradict what he said.There are always people claiming they have tea on People on tv.I have yet to read one comment on any blog or site of someone saying their cousin,their neighbor or their baby mama’s step sister’s hairstylist HEARD Miles slept with another man besides Milan.So if you have some reliable tea, please share.

  2. I taped the show and fast forwarded to their scenes.I think it is refreshing to see a black gay male couple especially for young black gay men who rarely see people like themselves on tv.Of course they are getting a lot hate from the homophobes on Twitter but they are getting some love as well.I will tape every episode and just watch their scenes because I am not interested in the fights of the other characters.

    I see several of Miles’ relatives tweeted about the show included his cousin,nephew and sister so at least some of his family is supportive.
    I’m glad you watched.I think it will be interesting to say his coming out to his family especially since they are religious.

    1. Hm, I didn’t watch the show, and I’m not interested. It’s good that they’re “representing”, but no, I’m not taking any examples of gay life from LHH.
      Not hating on them, but I’m not taking it seriously either.
      Cute pairing though.

  3. You don’t want ppl to know you’re gay but you’re on national television ??? How dumb and scripted is this show…

      1. Obviously he decided he wanted to come out and participating in the show was the impetus because he would have to do it before the show aired.

  4. Milan Christopher seems like a nice guy. I have been following Milan Christopher on Facebook for a while and when he brought up his part in this show, I told him that I support him and to get his money but that I don’t support such “rachet” shows such as Love and Hip Hop Los Angeles.

  5. I am not up on hip hop or these shows, but these two guys look like a lot of the young brothers in my neighborhood, and considering the law of averages says some of them are no doubt messing around with each other, I say it’s a good thing for young brothers and sisters to see themselves represented as they really are versus as the stereotypical characatures that’s usually the case. And, this is no put down of those who are softer.

    I remember when I was a kid and would be somewhere outside playing, if a black person were to come on some television show, someone would run to the door and exclaim, “Somebody colored’s on TV!” And, we would come running, since it was so rare. (Yes, we used to call ourselves colored long before you were born and before some of your parents were born, too).

    I think these two guys could help some closeted young’uns appreciate they are not alone, even though with the Internet nowadays, they might not feel as alone. But, I think it’s still good to see those in ones own image.

  6. You couldn’t pay me ENOUGH to mess with a man who is still screwing his “girlfriend” on the side. GTFOH with that mess, I will not be your second fiddle nor your cleanup person.

    1. Miles addressed this about this three weeks ago.He said he was never on the DL, he was never with Amber and Miles at the same time.Of course the show will make it appear there is a love triangle to boost interest and ratings.
      Reality Tv is not all real and some of it is ratchet.I will watch Milan because he said you wont see him fighting,cursing,throwing drinks,etc.You will see him dealing with being in love with a man in the closet.A situation many openly gay men have faced in their lives.

  7. REMEMBER IT’S REALITY TV, but the fact that both of those guys were willing to film their scene on national television has made more milestone especially being on a Hip-Hop related show. People are always putting down each other. Reason why the African-American and Black race suffers so much. Be supportive or Keep Your 2 Cents to Yourself. Wave to deal with enough negativity as is point blank!!!

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