Chris Brown Needs The Gays To Know Something

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 4.43.36 PMso it took nothing but an hour for chris brown to get on his twitter.
well he had to explain why he didn’t show up for that event at atl black pride.
this is what he had to say in a few tweets…

tweetsfromchristumblr_m0hmju5ZuO1qb2xnoo1_500well thats a good response.
i was really confused at how he could he homophobic…
with all the suspect animals he runs with.
now chris i hope for your sake that your tweets is truth.
you don’t want people to bring receipts.
you know the forest dwellers will bring all kinds of paperwork on that ass.
oh and worst of all?
you would never see support another song of yours again.
i actually like your music and would hate to blacklist them from my existence.
so good boy.

lowkey: one thing about chris i noticed,
he maybe wild and crazy,
but when has he ever lied in his personal tirades on social media?
if he is with this situation,
he is a good liar then.

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Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Chris Brown Needs The Gays To Know Something”

  1. But okay if he wasn’t scheduled be on the show…Who took the money that supposedly paid for him to perform???

  2. This show was talked about on multiple sites like Bossip,MTO,Shade Room,etc weeks ago.His team had plenty of time to release a statement saying he was not booked.He was supposed to introduce Teyana,who he is touring with.So I guess she never mentioned the show.He attended the Luda events I guess no fan or reporter asked him or his team about this show.GMAFB.Whether he was confirmed or not.He could have tweeted he wouldn’t be there, days ago.He could have said it during a radio interview.Months ago he tweeted he would not be at a show here in Tx,I believe the show was supposed to be in El Paso.So I don’t if he was booked to do the show but I know he had ample time to tweet he wouldn’t be at the show.

  3. Oh shit, this social media world we live in can be the over night death of your career, it has already been reported that he bailed all over the blogs and Twitter, now if this is true although Chris is probably without a doubt an homophobic asshole but if he was not booked that is not fair to paint that picture. Somebody is lying, and it may be someone working on Chris behalf who got the money, I heard this happens all the time in entertainment, hell with his ratchet ass crew who already stole from him this is very plausible. A contract or something needs to be produced ASAP to settle this and it seems like the Traxx girls would have done this already, lets not act that some in our community are not shady and do some less than savory shit when it comes to promoting and making money. I had my own Labor Day fiasco with a national R&B artist who did a half ass job at an appearance, I dont know if the promoter or the artist is too blame, but I know I will not be attending anything these promoters do nor will I go to this artist show unless they are with someone else on the bill who I like. It only takes a few minutes to ruin your career with foolishness. I guess I am now going to have to take a wait and see approach to this situation, but I have already wrote Breezy off with this, but if he is right, it is only fair to at least acknowledge that, this is some serious career ending accusations.

  4. It’s easier to tell a lie verbally, than to express one physically.

    Anything to save face…money is a motivator.

  5. He says the show wasn’t confirmed by his people, yet his face was on promo for the events for weeks, along with Lil Kim, Monica, Teyana Taylor and Dej Loaf… somebody’s lying here. So does he gets to keep the money that they gave him for the event or nah?

    1. And ALL of those other people showed. Chris was the only one who didn’t. I believe he is lying.

    2. THISSSS!!!! He BEEN known that he was scheduled to perform! His face was on the flyer weeks ago. There were even articles about it. His PR team know as well and they’re all full of s**t. He’s not fooling me with his nonsense. Notice how he didn’t deny taking the money? SMH.

  6. Meh, it’s pretty commendable for him to go out of his way to try to make ammends with the community, but he has to show it with his action.

  7. 😑 we’ll see actions speak louder than words. Something about the story seems kinda fishy either the even coordinator did my do something right on her end or Chris brown is saving face.

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